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What is
Beauties Lab?

Beauties Lab is an ethical, inclusive, and multidimensional space bringing together green beauty experts and enthusiasts. Our mission is to simplify the art of self-care through healthy products, customized treatments and the sharing of expertise.

Our Manifesto


''It's been so long since I've felt the skin on my forehead this unclogged and with less little pimples. The work done is bearing fruit, I think, and it feels so good. I haven't deviated from the routine we established this summer and I'm happy to maintain it. It's simple and I like it. I love the products you introduce me to every time. A huge thank you for your advice, attention and your good care.''

Sarah 11/21

"Since my treatment I have really been able to see a difference with my skin! I'm implementing the little changes you suggested and I feel like it's really helping. I also see the serum making a difference in my morning routine so I will definitely have to buy it. Definitely happy with the results and will have to come back very soon!"

Thomas 10/21

“Since my treatment, my skin feels great! It's soothed and much less red, so I don't feel the need to wear much makeup. I just wear my Coola tinted matte sunscreen and it's perfect! As always, I love ALL of my products too!"

Katherine 05/20

Beauties à table - Recipes and tips to take care of your skin

Julie, health coach at Beauties Lab, has created a French guide to show you how delicious and FUN the road to healthier skin can be!

Beauties à table contains:

- Over 40 recipes!

- Suggested menus + A brief explanation of why these foods can help you

- A list of kitchen essentials



Rituel de Fille

The Ethereal Veil Foundation



Meloway Tinted Brow Gel


Butter London

Butter London Lipstick



Monoi Oil



Lip Gloss


Gua Sha made in Quebec.

Discover MINĒRA.

Inspired by Chinese gua sha facial therapy, this self-massage tool is designed to detoxify, smooth and restore radiance to facial skin.