Our Team


founder & owner + Makeup artist team leader

Léa Bégin (she/her)

Léa is Cancer with Leo ascendant. Empathetic, lively, passionate and a people person. After 15 years of working as a freelance makeup artist in Quebec, beauty has become her connecting thread which is now combined with her mission to consume better: reduce the number of products, increase the quality.

Welcome to her uncomplicated universe where it's never too late to learn how to take care of yourself. Where intuition and pleasure take part in beauty rituals.


Lula Muila Malutama (she/her)

Driven by an independent, analytical, and slightly obsessive spirit of research, discovery, and experimentation, Lula is an enthusiast of all that encompasses the art of self-care. It is with this attitude that she joins the Beauties Lab team, where she will be able to fulfill her desire of helping others understand the interactions between body and mind through self-care.

Skin Specialists & Makeup Artists

Skin care team leader

Maryse Trieu (she/her)

Having met people from different backgrounds on a daily basis and with over 10 years of experience, she is proud to continue to perfect her craft through Beauties Lab, where her values are reflected in her treatments.

She sees the skin, body and mind as one. Decreasing inflammation, sun protection and overall skin health are at the heart of her approach.

Maryse is an introvert by nature and will gladly welcome you into her bubble, no matter who you are, what your needs are, your age or your phototype.

skin specialist

Céleste Bellemare-Lapointe (she/her)

Since the days of her childhood in British Columbia, Céleste has always held an innate curiosity for skin and self care, and both’s connection to the natural world. These interests only grew as time went on, and her own journey with cystic acne as a young adult lead her to appreciate and understand the skin through a more holistic lens.

A triple fire sign, she holds passion for a multitude of subjects, such as design, fashion, and history, and her tendency to deep dive into new areas of expertise facilitate her multifaceted approach. Her latest obsession is facial massage, and it’s many benefits for the skin and the soul.

For her, helping clients form better relationships to their own self care is of the highest honour, and she strives to create adapted routines for that are both efficient and pleasurable for everyone.


Alizée Casavant-Dubois (she/her)

Alizée is very curious and has gone through several paths to find her way. Passionate and interested in many different subjects, skin is what has held her attention the most.

Fascinated by the biology that surrounds this organ and by the chemistry of the ingredients involved in skincare, she has at heart to accompany each of her clients.

Her openness and listening skills allow her to understand their needs and their reality. She loves dogs, the sea & whales, and dreams of waking up to the sound of the waves every day.

makeup artist & sales associate

Lia Jureidini (she/her)

Lia is a self-taught artist. Being raised in an artistic family, she has been painting and drawing ever since she could remember.

She studied Design for the Theatre where she met and collaborated with a lot of creative people that helped her learn to think outside the box. 

She believes that everyone is beautiful. Her goal is simply to enhance that beauty while making sure that her clients feel the most comfortable in their own skin. She will listen to your needs and work with you to create your perfect on-the-go look.

Marketing & Operations

Operations manager

Mathilde Chueca (she/her)

Intrigued and passionate about the world of wellness and beauty, Mathilde made a career change a few years ago to make her dreams come true: leaving the aeronautics industry for cosmetics!

With several experiences in project management, logistics and operations, she likes to solve problems, question the status quo and get out of her comfort zone. Very curious, she is passionate about Yoga, Ayurveda and ancestral rituals of well-being.

Taking care of oneself is far from being limited to mechanically applying products on the face, it is above all honoring one's own beauty and uniqueness!

marketing coordinator

Jessy Goyette (he/him)

A beauty products fanatic, Jessy has found a passion for the cosmetics industry and all its ups and downs. The world of beauty has no secrets for him. He advocates inclusive beauty, based on scientific research, eco-friendly and authentic.

Branding and marketing is what drives him the most, which is why he aspires of founding his own cosmetics company. He wants to connect with people through his newfound interest in content creation and is always looking for new challenges.

Community manager

Magalie Billardon (she/her)

Libra with a lion ascendant, Magalie has always had a passion for all things that are beautiful. After studying film, she entered the fashion industry to fulfill her constant desire for creativity. Respect for the environment and inclusivity are values that motivate her in her daily life, both personally and professionally.

Project coordinator

Miléna Lamoureux (she/her)

Miléna is a sensitive, attentive, cheerful person who does not hesitate to get involved in various committees that reflect these values.

As a full-time student, she continues to learn more about marketing every day and tries to apply this knowledge within the Beauties Lab team.

From a young age, Milena was passionate about the world of skincare. This passion pushed her to educate herself daily on new trends & to create her own personal project, a book on how to take care of her skin with natural products.


Chloe Nguyen (she/her)

Chloé is a Virgo with a Capricorn moon and Scorpio ascendant, making her a grounded but driven being. Graduated from a Sociology and Psychology background, she truly cares about understanding people from an open-minded and compassionate perspective.

She loves to have an organized vision of life because she knows what she wants—and doesn’t want. Some of her favorite things are her love for matcha, her dog, and her mission for finding the best burrata in town.

With interests in all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle, she is ready to learn and take up any new challenges coming her way!