Portrait de nos collaboratrices : Cath Darbouze - Beauties Lab

Portrait de nos collaboratrices : Cath Darbouze

I met Cath for the first time at the opening of Beauties Lab last year. As soon as I saw her I knew I was meeting a supermodel or a famous actress. She just has it in her and without even knowing, she radiates beauty and self-confidence that can be a tiny bit intimidating... until you start talking with her and realize she’s incredibly funny, smart, and easy-going.

I met Cath for the first time a year ago at the opening of Beauties Lab. I don’t know how she does it, but Lea -the owner of the boutique- has this very special power of bringing amazing women together in one place.  Cath is no exception to the rule. As soon as I saw her I knew I was meeting a supermodel or a famous actress. There's something about the way she radiates beauty and self-confidence that can be a tiny bit intimidating... until you start talking with her and realize she’s incredibly funny, smart, and easy-going. 

From criminal law to acting

I practiced law for about 4 years before shifting to the arts. I’m still a lawyer, but I don’t practice anymore. I used to be a prosecutor and specialized in domestic violence. It was great until I realized that being a prosecutor was not 100% my passion. What I liked about it had more to do with all the action elements surrounding the job -like what you see on TV- but not the stress and responsibility of doing it. 

I’ve always been artistic and creative, but I was scared to tell my parents that I wanted to become an actress. I was even more scared to admit to myself that in order to try it out I had to quit my super amazing job. Nevertheless, I knew deep inside that the possibility of not trying out for my dreams was the scariest scenario of all the above. Thanks to a professional coach and lots of introspection, when it was time to leave, I had acquired that level of confidence and maturity I needed and KNEW this was the right decision to make. I quit 2 years ago and the rest is history. I’ve been doing a lot of commercials and some fiction, and I’m loving it. 

Collaborating for Beauties  

I’ve always liked writing because I have an ease at doing it. I met Lea on set, she was doing my makeup and I told her about my idea of maybe starting a blog. She had Beauties and invited me to collaborate with some articles. I’ve always wanted to connect with people through my writing, I'm fueled by this constant need to create. 

Beauties and Co.

Photo credit: Camille Dubuc


Is there a subject that you’d like to explore more through the exposure of Beauties?

I’d like to talk more about cultures and how they influence fashion. Black Lives Matter has shaken me up a lot! I want to learn more about the history of black people and what’s the role of black culture in society.  We need to give the credit where it’s due. We need to push more for this kind of awareness of where these trends and styles come from. I think more than ever it’s important to look within and elevate our levels of consciousness towards the things we wear, in terms of beauty and fashion. 

Photo credit: Mallory Lowe

Cath, if right now I would give you the magic pen to write your own future. What would you write?

That’s intimidating! I’d be doing what I'm doing now but more of it and better. I’d be doing interesting roles that make me grow as a person and touch people’s hearts.  I’d like to record my own songs and put that into the world. I just want to connect more with people. For sure, I’d like to meet somebody to share all these experiences with. I'm a hopeless romantic. That’d be great, to have somebody to share that joy. 

What level of fame would you like to have? I mean from nada to Beyoncé, what’s the level of influence and reach that you’d like to have?

Am I still using the magic pen? 


Michelle Obama! 

What does the perfect weekend look like for you?

It has to have a moment for creation, a moment of being outside with friends, and deep conversations. So overall, going on a hike with my closest friends, having deep talks that elevate us, and it would finish by jumping in the lake. 

Favorite self-love brand(s)?

Everything I use is simple.

For my face: 99% aloe vera

For my hair: Inhairitance, a black-owned and Montreal-based business.  It’s so simple and it has been amazing for my hair.

And my go-to app: Headspace! 

Makeup or skincare?

Skincare, for sure. I'd take aloe vera over any makeup product.

Your hair and your skin look amazing every time I see you. What’s your secret?

Egyptian Magic and Aloe Vera

And for your hair?

Patience and products from Inhairitance




Beauties and Co.

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