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Beauties Sounds Vol. 8 by Lucia Ortega

by Victoria Huynh |

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What inspired you for this playlist?

Duality. This playlist has a little bit of Mexico and a little bit of Montreal in it, two parts of me that I equally embrace. Evolution. It reflects how much I’ve changed this past year. I had the opportunity to spend the winter back at home recharging and enjoying the best of times with my loved ones. Now I’m ready to do the same here in Montreal. Life is good. 

When's the best time to listen to it? 


If I tell you Beauties, what do you think of? 

Group of women that make others feel beautiful. 

Your favorite product available at the Lab or the one you'd like to try?

My forever favorites are: The Hair Routine. I follow my hair routine religiously and my hair has never been better. Then, there's also Jazmin Sarai's perfumes (especially Otis & Me) and everything Apprenti Ôr'ganik. I go crazy for their products.

What's your motto?

"El paraiso es ahora."

What it means in English: Paradise is here and now. 

Photos par Isabel Ortega Sampson 

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