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Montreal Women's Beauty Routines: Get Inspired In Your 50's With Grece Ghanem


Continuing this serie of interviews to women we admire from Montreal. My third and last article focuses on the self-care routine and lifestyle of a woman in her 50’s. She is originally from Lebanon and moved to Montreal a long time ago. You have probably heard talk about her feisty style and fashionable looks that proves that style is not a matter of age.

Grece Ghanem

Vogue wrote an article about her in 2018 that read: “Microbiologist Turned Personal Trainer Grece Ghanem Is Instagram’s New Icon of Ageless Style.” I was lucky to be able to take a quick dip into her daily routine and let me tell you, us BEAUTIES could learn a thing or two about this incredible woman.

What would you say you are most proud of accomplishing?

First, being a good mother, successful as a personal trainer and now at the age of 54 being able to fulfil part of my dreams of modelling and travelling.

Photo Credit:  @greceghanem


Do you consider yourself a lady boss?

Yes, we all have an inner lady boss!

What do you think has been determining to be where you are now?

Most of it is related to my personality, self-confidence and the love and support of my family; especially my daughter.

Let’s talk beauty!

What makes you feel beautiful?

Beauty starts on the inside. It expresses internally what is in my mind, heart and soul. As a personal trainer beauty starts by taking care of my health, mind and body; exercising nutrition and leading a healthy lifestyle. As a fashion influencer and model, I believe that clothing and beauty products give us a boost during challenging times. However, this should not overwhelm but give strength and joy.

How do you like to start your days?

I start my days with my ritual morning routine. I like to focus on my skin using products to promote a healthy glow and to incorporate as well a short routine of physical exercises to clear my mind and boost my energy.

What is your daily beauty/self-care routine?

First thing in the morning, I have a glass of warm water with lemon, vinegar, cayenne and a pinch of salt plus fresh ginger followed by another glass of water to accompany my vitamins and supplements. I use aloe vera from my aloe plant in my smoothies as it is rich in collagen for both hair and skin. My skincare routine has several steps. I begin with using a cleanser, followed by toner. I apply a vitamin C serum then moisturize and finish by applying ALWAYS my sunscreen. I do a physical exfoliation twice a week.

Photo Credit: Grece Ghanem


What are your top skin-care products?

How has this routine change from 10 years ago?

I always knew how to take care of my skin and I used cosmetics at every stage of my life whether it was for curing acne, protecting it from the sun, preventing wrinkles and sunspots, enhancing certain features like my eyes and lips; all to complement the beauty from the inside. Beauty does not disappear with age, it changes and with the help of beauty products and cosmetics we embrace it and do not fear it!

Your beautiful silver hair is part of your public image. When did you stop trying to cover the inevitable?

I started having gray hair at a young age. My decision of leaving it natural was spontaneous and very much related to my lifestyle. I faced a lot of opposition from people who found it hard to believe that I was willing to leave my hair grey at the age of 28 despite having a youthful face and character. That is why I believe that beauty is a personal concept with a lot of room for creativity.

Photo Credit:  @greceghanem


Most gratifying beauty purchase/service that you’ve invested for on yourself?

In the last year, I have integrated skin care devices like the Foreo Luna and a jade roller in my daily routine. I have most recently started using a microneedling roller at home. I also enjoy pampering myself with sheet masks and other various masks at least twice a week.

Is there a top-secret beauty tip that you would like to reveal to us?

It all comes down to feeling happy confident by making yourself look good by creating your own standards of beauty. In my case, drinking lots of water, exercising and never going to bed without cleaning and moisturizing your skin. P.S I like leaving my jade roller in the freezer before using, the cool sensation is very soothing.

Is there a new beauty trend that you would like to try this year?

I would like to treat myself to a carbon peel facial!

To women who are 5 years younger than you, is there a beauty advise you could share with them?

My tip is to shine on the inside out, take care of your body and mind and it is NEVER too early to start taking care of your skin to promote a healthy glow. After all beauty is being unconventional; beauty is self-confidence.

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