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Cut by Fred

Refill - Vegan Stick Shampoo

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Your vegan stick shampoo is empty?
You don't want to throw away the STICK? No problem, here's a refill.

80g (*the refill has 10g more than the stick shampoo YAY!)


1. Melt the refill in the microwave or in a "bain-marie", while stirring.
2. Once the entire refill is perfectly melted, remove the bottom of the stick & pour the liquid obtained into the upside-down stick, to the brim.
3. Let dry for 30 minutes until a well forms in the stick.
4. Fill the stick again to the brim with the remaining liquid.
5. Once filled, close and let harden at room temperature for 36 hours.

Here's a video explaining how to do it:


White clay softens, purifies the scalp and soothes irritations.
Castor oil, with its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal action, strengthens the hair while fighting dandruff.
Menthol stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and tones it while eliminating bacteria.
Rosemary oil revitalizes and strengthens the hair and helps reduce dandruff.


The use of this product is not recommended for children under 6 years old, pregnant or nursing women.

Refill - Vegan Stick Shampoo

Refill - Vegan Stick Shampoo