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Beauties Talks Beauty with Sabrina Cassis from Alice Kass

Beauties talk beauty with Sabrina from Alice Kass Lingerie.

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"Beauties Talks Beauty " is an excuse for meeting women who inspire us with their story and style. Sabrina is the founder of Alice Kass, an online store that offers carefully curated lingerie but also a platform where a community of modern independent women can share about their journey. She charmed us with her inspiring bed talks and the Be Your Own Muse movement on Instagram.

Beauty Talk Sabrina Cassis


Her relation with beauty

“My mission is to inspire women to reconnect to their femininity and inner goddess through self-love and lingerie. It’s funny, I always say lingerie chose me. I used to be a tomboy and was totally terrified of this hyper feminine world. I really thought lingerie was for another type of woman, a bombshell, a girlfriend, anyone but me. But when I discovered lingerie that I felt good in, stylish comfortable pieces that accentuated a woman’s natural form, a whole new world opened up to me. I realized I could feel like myself and be connected to my feminine side. I could be smart and strong but also sexy and feminine. I didn’t have to pick or deny one aspect of myself. And I love playing with these kinds of dualities or opposing forces. The balance of masculine and feminine is a huge theme in every aspect of my life from styling outfits, to the creative direction of my brand and lingerie shoots, to the way I do my hair and makeup. Always trying to find that perfect in between, that sweet spot.”

Sabrina Cassis

Her Skincare routine

“I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to skin care. I focus mostly on eating unprocessed, fresh foods and I don't drink alcohol. I use coconut oil as makeup remover or micellar water. I spray my face with rose water, sometimes I'll use Hylauronic Acid (currently finishing up a bottle of The Ordinary) and my Goddess oil. I am also obsessed with the Luna oil and UFO oil by Sunday Riley. I get hormonal acne so every month right before my period I get a few pimples around my chin and jawline. The UFO oil has been a serious game changer. If it could also get rid of all my other PMS symptoms!”

Let’s talk makeup

“I used to wear tons of eye makeup when I was younger, I wouldn’t leave the house without heavy black eyeliner even at 9am, haha! Now I’m a lot more natural, I wear tarte bb cream on my skin, a bit of mac bronzer, tarte highlighter and drugstore Loreal voluminous black mascara is still my fave. If I’m going out at night I like a good red or bright orange lip and a liquid liner cat eye.”

Her Body + Hair Care

“I swear by a homemade coffee coconut oil scrub I make myself. I have keratosis pilaris (a skin condition that basically gives me permanent chicken skin - comme si j'avais les frissons en tout temps - and this is literally the only thing that improves the bumps on my arms!! And I've tried everything. Otherwise I use body oil as moisturizer, I just love oils they feel so luxe and smell amazing. I make my own with hemp, carrot and argan oil and jasmine and cedar essential oils. I call it Goddess oil because I added some gold powder for some extra glow. I also use Schmidt’s natural charcoal deodorant, it smells amazing and works really well, it actually keeps me dry and fresh even after my long runs. Oh and I can't live without my organic all natural self-tanners. For my hair, i'm a wash and go kind of girl. I love my hair wild and wavy. To get that look I'll let it air dry and then use sea salt spray by Sally Hershberger.”

About Fragrances

“During the day I wear a custom smoky yet fresh scent made for me by Jazmin Saraï parfums which was a gift from a good friend. And my absolute favourite scent of all time is by Maison Louis Marie but I save that for night time, when I'm feeling seductive and want to leave an imprint in someone’s mind.

I like to have a different scent for every trip I go on so that I can revisit the experience by just smelling the perfume. Scent is the most powerful memory trigger, way more powerful than sight and just looking at pictures, with scent you really feel your memories. I love that.  So I have a bunch of different small roll-on oil scents I’ve picked up along the way that all vary but tend to still be beachy, smoky, sultry, sometimes even masculine.”


“Nutrition and treating my body well is super important to me so I eat really healthy, focusing on natural unprocessed foods as much as I can and avoiding anything that comes in a box, that is fried or that has added sugar or ingredients I can’t pronounce. I’m really into adaptogens and I put Ashwagandha in my bulletproof coffee every morning and I feel like that keeps me balanced. I run 3-5 times a week for both my physical and mental health. Meditation is also key for me. If I miss too many days in a row I feel it in my anxiety levels and overall sense of well-being.

I rarely ever get sick and if I start feeling a cold coming on I'll squirt oil of oregano directly under my tongue 3 times throughout the day and any symptoms disappear almost instantaneously! It burns like hell and tastes pretty awful but it works like magic.”

 Beauty Talk Sabrina Cassis


Sabrina Cassis  



Find Sabrina on Instagram @alicekass and read more about the self-love movement here


What does Self-love means to you?

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