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Sun Rae Eau de Parfum

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Sun Rae Eau de Parfum


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why we love it

This perfume transitions from fresh and citrusy, to sensual and spicy, making it the perfect versatile, day to night fragrance!

For Joy & Happiness

Captured sunlight in a bottle. Turmeric leaf uplifts, while turmeric root strengthens. Lemon promotes positivity, bergamot brings clarity, and ginger instills self-confidence. Layered with calming black pepper and aphrodisiac cardamom. Amber, sandalwood, and vetiver create a serene, sensual tranquility.

Crafted as energy boosters, every Vyrao fragrance is formulated using ethically sourced plant and flower remedies, rooted in neuroscientific principles and energetic practices.


  • Top Notes: Turmeric leaf, Turmeric Root, Fresh Ginger, Bergamot, Lemon (Italy)
  • Heart Notes: Cardamom, Black Pepper (Madagascar) 
  • Base Notes: Vetiver, Sandalwood, Amber, Musk


  • Turmeric Leaf: Uplifting and antioxidant
  • Turmeric Root: Mood-enhancing and anti-inflammatory
  • Bergamot: Clarity
  • Lemon (Italy): Joyful and invigorating
  • Fresh Ginger: Self-confidence
  • Cardamom: Energising and aphrodisiac
  • Black Pepper: Anti-anxiety
  • Basil (Madagascar): Energise and uplift
  • Vetiver: Calming and sensual
  • Sandalwood: Grounding and sensuality
  • Amber: Tranquility and comfort
  • Musk: Clarity and sensuality

Each 50ml scent bottle contains a tiny Herkimer diamond– all supercharged in Hawaii by the quantum energist Louise Mita. Herkimer diamonds are renowned for their ability to purify, enhance, and elevate energy.



About the Brand


Vyrao harnesses the power of nature to amplify energy, delving into the science of scent to activate brain regions associated with memories and emotions. Their products feature the finest organic, ethically sourced plant and flower extracts, drawing on neuroscientific principles, energetic practices, and perfume lore to bring a fresh perspective to the industry.

Vyrao scents, along with their home fragrance counterparts, are envisioned as a sublime smelling toolkit, each designed to elevate mood and evoke various positive emotions. The glass perfume bottles crafted by Vyrao are elegantly rendered objets d’art.