Corporate perks

Make the Well-Being of Your Employees or Clients a Priority

Offered exclusively for businesses in the Greater Montreal area

corporate services

Offer The Best Relaxing Treatments to Your Team or Special Clients

Establish your company as a leader by caring for your team or important clients in a special way.

Whether you want to thank your team for their success or celebrate your clients & partners in a meaningful way, our gift certificates are the perfect meaningful gift for all occasions.

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Treatment Gifting

Receive up to 18% off all treatment gift card purchases.

Our treatment gift cards make the perfect gift for the holiday season and all occasions.
Options for 30, 60 or 90 minutes facial & body treatments.

Have your clients or employees enjoy the cream of the crop of beauty & wellness treatments in the Montreal area.

The more gift cards you buy, the more you save! A nice gift has never been so easy to find.

Focus on well-being

Why Choose the Beauties Lab Corporate Program?

Keep Your Best People Around

When you take care of your employees or clients well-being, they're more likely to stick around.
Our services are instant mood boosters and makes everyone feel valued.

Be the Coolest Employer in Town

Offering wellness perks, like skin treatments, can make your company a top pick for job seekers. Plus, it makes you look awesome in the eyes of customers and partners.

Support Local Economy

By adhering to our corporate program, you're supporting a young Montreal-based company that prioritizes local + ethical brands and practices.

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