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Our Facial Treatments


Our facial with advanced LED technology, for visible results. This regenerating treatment targets fine lines, firmness, inflammation and acne, leaving your complexion soothed and radiant.
Available as Selflove or Selflove Luxe.

60 & 90 mins. From $215.


Our first limited edition summer facial!

A 30 minutes refreshing treatment that is hydrating, soothing and decongesting.
Smooth, toned & lifted skin.
No extraction will be performed.

30 mins. or 60 mins. with free skincare consultation. $90


‎ Our first express skin treatment done in 30 minutes! This toning, skin reset facial is made for people who want an instant glow, on-the-go.
Treatment done on chair, in open area, not in treatment rooms.

30 mins. or 60 mins. with free skincare consultation. $75


‎ Our best selling treatment.

Tailored to your skin, as unique as you are.

Sensitive skin? Acne? Lack of radiance? Dark spots? We've got you.

60 & 90 mins. From $170.


‎ Our most powerful facial.

Need immediate results? You met your match. Focused on skin renewal. Dull skin, no more! Tailored to your skin, as unique as you are.

Exclusively with VENN Skincare.

60 & 90 mins. From $220.


Our first self-serve treatment. Get the benefits of LED Light Therapy with Celluma® in a flash. We'll prepare the station and mask, and let you do the rest.

Ideal for frequent light therapy sessions.

30 mins. $55.


Have fun with friends while learning the best skincare tricks. Explore one of the following themes:

  • Art of self-massage - learn expert techniques to massage your face.
  • Cleansing 101 - discover the best tips to properly cleanse your skin.

    From 600$ per group. Includes a goodie bag & discounts on our services.
    *Food & drinks available as extras.

Enhance Your Facial

Boost your facial treatment with one of our add-ons.


Exclusively for Selflove & Selflove Luxe 60 or 90 mins facials.

This concentrated, regenerating treatment targets fine lines, skin firmness, inflammation and acne, for a soothed, unified complexion that glows from within.


Exclusively for Selflove & Selflove Luxe 60 or 90 mins facials.

The PureLift patented device automatically tones and tightens your facial muscles. It may sound too good to be true, but you'll feel the difference instantly. A real workout for the skin!


Exclusively for Selflove & Selflove Luxe 60 or 90 mins facials.

Eyebrow tweezing. Remove the extra hairs around your brows or get a precise eyebrow shape that will complement your facial features.


Exclusively for Selflove & Selflove Luxe 60 or 90 mins facials.

The décolleté is often an area that is overlooked in our skincare routine, even though we often see the first signs of aging there! This addition to your facial will get rid of dead skin and allow your décolleté to regain its radiance and softness.


Exclusively for Selflove & Selflove Luxe 60 or 90 mins facials.

Scalp massage with the Nova Rituals Pre-Wash Scalp & Hair Treatment Oil. Enriched with rosemary oil, this scalp oil promotes and stimulates hair growth, for stronger, healthier hair.


Our facial for your lips! A magic cocktail that will instantly repair your chapped or dry lips. Includes 4 steps, 2 exfoliations and 2 moisturizers. Your lips will thank you!


Exclusively for Selflove & Selflove Luxe 60 or 90 mins facials.

A relaxing moment that will take you to 7th heaven and remove dead skin from your scalp at the same time, thanks to the benefits and exfoliation of the Cut by Fred Stimulating Scalp Brush.


The Beauties Lab Reusable Eye Masks will be applied during your facial.

You will receive 1 pair of free Beauties Lab reusable eye masks to take home.

These patches, along with an eye cream, seal in moisture and reveal a glowing, soothed and smooth eye area. Goodbye, dehydration!


The Sistine Collagen + Retinol Eye Masks will be applied during your facial.

These retinol and collagen eye patches reduce dark circles, fine lines and puffy eyes and deeply moisturize. It's the perfect remedy for a morning after.

*Note: single use patches.


LED Light Therapy

Photobiomodulation (also known as phototherapy) in skincare is a therapeutic approach that uses light to stimulate biological processes at the cellular level. This technique is also known as LED light therapy or photodynamic therapy.

The Celluma® provides blue, red, and infrared light.

  1. LED light promotes cell regeneration and accelerates the healing process by increasing blood circulation.
  2. LED light reduces inflammation by modulating immune responses.
  3. LED light helps target wrinkles and improve skin texture as it stimulates collagen production. Collagen naturally produced by our bodies contributes to the firmness and elasticity of the skin.
  4. LED light targets Acne-Causing Bacteria. Blue light is particularly effective against Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) bacteria, which play a major role in acne development. These bacteria are sensitive to light in the blue wavelength range (approximately 405 to 470 nanometers). Blue light penetrates the epidermis and exerts an antibacterial effect.

The Celluma® is approved by Health Canada and the FDA to treat numerous musculoskeletal and skin conditions.

What makes the Celluma® different from other light therapy skin devices?

  • Mask Shape - The flexible panel of the Celluma® allows the LED lights to conform to the entire treatment area, ensuring that the greatest amount of energy will be absorbed by the cells. The effectiveness of a light therapy session depends on the amount of energy absorbed by the cells.
  • Pulsed Mode - The pulsation of LED lights allows for more efficient absorption of light energy by the cells, adding a level of sophistication and increased effectiveness to the LED light therapy device.
  • The Celluma® can address multiple skin issues simultaneously. The Celluma® is polychromatic, and each mode, whether it's "Acne" or "Anti-aging," combines different types of LED light - blue, red, and infrared - for optimal effectiveness.

Blue Light

Blue light works by penetrating the upper layers of the epidermis, where it targets the bacteria responsible for acne.

Key Benefits

  • Reduction and prevention of acne, as well as imperfections and inflammation.
  • Promotes healing of skin lesions associated with acne. Regulates sebum production.

Frequency of Use
Two sessions per week for 4-6 weeks are recommended to target acne and promote the benefits mentioned above.

Red Light

Red light penetrates deeper into the skin than blue light, reaching the dermal layer.

Key Benefits

  • Promotes collagen production, which can reduce wrinkles and fine lines and improve overall skin texture.
  • Healing and tissue repair: Improves cell regeneration, accelerates wound healing, and reduces scars.
  • Anti-inflammatory effects: Can reduce inflammation and redness, which is beneficial for conditions such as rosacea or following invasive skin treatments, such as microneedling.

After 1 session: Immediately more radiant, glowing skin from within.

After several sessions: Unified complexion: less apparent fine lines, firmer skin, reduced scars, inflammation, and redness.

For acne, a reduction in inflammation may be observed after one to two Celluma® sessions.

Please note that it is not possible to guarantee Celluma® results before the skin renewal cycle is complete, which is typically 30 to 45 days after the first Celluma® session (especially regarding firmness, fine lines, etc.)

  • Not recommended if you have a history of epilepsy or seizures.
  • Not recommended for children under 12 years old.
  • If you have cancer, please seek prior authorization from your doctor before use.
  • If you are taking photosensitive medications, please wait 3-5 days between taking medication and your Celluma® LED light therapy session.
  • If you are receiving steroid injections, please wait 3 to 5 days between your injections and your Celluma® LED light therapy session.

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What Our Clients Think

I loved the experience (!!!) I felt like a star haha! I really liked that you took care to answer all of my questions and explained to me the treatments as well as my skin type! Also, we can talk about each of the little attentions? (the welcome, the heating blanket for menstrual cramps, etc.) I will definitely recommend your services to all my friends!

Anaïs B.

Meet Our Experts

Our experts are passionate about empowering you with knowledge, helping you make informed beauty choices, and infusing your rituals with mindful pleasure.

Céleste Bellemare-Lapointe (she/her)

Meet Céleste, obsessed with facial massage for skin and soul. She crafts custom self-care routines for all.

Fanie Cavet (she/her)

Meet Fanie, wellness expert with luxury hotel experience in France and Switzerland. She prioritizes overall well-being for body, mind, and skin.

Léa Moinet (she/her)

Meet Léa, a passionate beauty expert who honed her expertise in the paramedical and skincare fields in France. She creates tailor-made skincare routines that offer specialized and inclusive results.

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Meet Nastia, a transdisciplinary artist with 8 years of experience in beauty. They aim to offer precious moments of peace & self-love.


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