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Montreal Women's Beauty Routines: Get Inspired In Your 30's With Sandra Ferreira.

The second article to our series of interviews to three different women from Montreal. This time, we are getting up close and personal with Sandra Ferreira. Get inspired by her daily skincare and beauty routine.

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Continuing this series of interviews to women from Montreal and that we admire! My second article focuses on the self-care routine of a woman in her 30’s, although she looks 20. She works in the restaurant industry directing all operations for one of the most famous groups in the city : Group Ferreira.

Sandra Ferreira

Following the steps of her successful father, Carlos Ferreira, she spends most of her time shuffling between all four restaurants owned by the family. I was especially excited about this interview because I’ve worked with Sandra and not only I admire her for her work, but also for her modern and professional style.

What are you most proud of accomplishing so far? 

It is an ongoing accomplishment… But being part of the second generation of our family restaurant group. I must say that I am super proud of our latest concept called Campo, which I worked really hard on developing with our team.

Do you consider yourself a boss lady

LOL! I tend to be bossy… And I am a lady. So I guess yes! Haha.

What do you think has been determining to be where you are now? 

Having hard working and inspiring parents who have always been very supportive and open minded.

Photo Credit:  Sandra Ferreira Instagram


Let’s talk beauty!

What makes you feel beautiful? 

Glowing skin and confidence.

How do you normally like to start your days?

I like to get ready quite fast in the morning. Then shower, hair, makeup, and get dressed in no more than 30 minutes unless I have to wash my hair.

Do you follow a daily beauty/self-care routine?

Yes! I tend to switch my beauty products because I’m always curious to try new things, but these days, after my shower, I put the Clarins Double Serum followed by Amour Propre Oil. Last winter I had a day cream from Babor. Finishing with a light makeup.

How has this routine changed from 10 years ago?

Ten years ago I was in college (wow, time flies). I had pretty much the same type of routine but with different products. One thing that has definitely not change is that I do not drink enough water which causes my skin to be dry. I try to compensate with very rich creams like Egyptian Magic at night (very greasy). But still I know that I need to drink more water!!! For some reason it is so hard.

How do your style and makeup change when you are working vs. when you go out? 

It stays pretty much the same. If I go out I’ll probably add an eyeliner, but at work wearing only mascara does the trick.

You always look so sophisticated and flawless while working. Would you like to share with us your personal beauty secret?

Aw thanks! I try to keep it simple and sophisticated. My office is at Ferreira which is our most high end restaurant and it caters mostly to a business clientele. I try to mix young, fashionable and classic all together. My go-to always ends up being Zara with a bit of Club Monaco and Aritzia. As for hair and makeup I don’t spend too much time getting ready. Having a glowy skin is my priority (and not easy during winter), Hoola bronzer from Benefit is a saver as well as my Nars blush stick (Riviera color).

Photo credit:  Sandra Ferreira Instagram


Most gratifying beauty purchase/service that you’ve invested in for yourself?

Doing my nails at Le Manoir!! It is the beauty routine I am the most faithful to. I consider Lea, my nail artist, like a friend now!

What are some of your favorite products and brands right now?

I love Nars for its packagings. Very sleek and tiny.

Amour Propre oil.

Parva Fabrica Olive oil and Rosemary hand soap and candles for the home. You can find it at Ramacieri or Maison Pepin.

Photo credit: Sandra Ferreira


Is there a new beauty trend that you would like to try out this year?

Good question! Any ideas for me?

To women who are 5 years younger than you, is there a beauty advise you could share with them?

Simplicity! Don’t try too much!

If you have any new beauty trends for her to try out, let us know in the comments!

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