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Léa Bégin (she/her)


Léa is a Cancer with a Leo ascendant. Empathetic. "Bonne vivante". Passionate. Brings people together. After 15 years of working as a freelance makeup artist, beauty has become her connecting thread which is now combined with her mission to consume better: decrease the number of products, increase their quality.

Welcome to her "uni-vert" where it's never too late to learn how to take care of yourself. 

Maryse Trieu (she/her)


Maryse has over 10 years of experience as an esthetician. She believes that the best secret to preserving our skin (and many other things) is sun protection. She is an introvert and a true geek with a passion for skincare and skin. She has a curious mind, always learning. Maryse believes that life is all about balance.

She has also trained estheticians and worked in a spa for several years, where she met people from different backgrounds on a daily basis. Maryse is proud to be part of the Beauties Lab team, where her values can be reflected in her treatments. She will know how to take care of you, no matter your skin's needs, your age or your phototype.

Verena Garcia (she/her)


Having discovered her love for beauty at a young age, Verena went to esthetic school to master skin and makeup. She believes in natural beauty, in every sense of the word. Simplifying and demystifying the constant flow of trends is at the heart of her mission.

In this unrealistic world of false perfection, Verena aims to show you that beauty and well-being can be inclusive and accessible to all. She loves the human touch and is always looking to connect on a deeper level.

Céleste Bellemare-Lapointe (she/her)


Born under all the fire signs, Celeste is full of energy and interests that can turn on and off spontaneously.

Her passion for skincare, however, has been of a constant presence since her childhood in British Columbia. Celeste is drawn to aromas, nature, reading, and beer.

She is passionate about creating sacred relationships with clients; listening to them is a huge pleasure and an honor for her!

Mathilde Chueca (she/her)


Intrigued and passionate about the world of wellness and beauty, Mathilde made a career change a few years ago to make her dreams come true: leaving the aeronautics industry for cosmetics! With several experiences in project management, logistics and operations, she likes to solve problems, question the status quo and get out of her comfort zone. Very curious, she is passionate about Yoga, Ayurveda and ancestral rituals of well-being.

Taking care of oneself is far from being limited to mechanically applying products on the face, it is above all honoring one's own beauty and uniqueness!

Jessy Goyette (he/him)


A beauty products fanatic, Jessy has found a passion for the cosmetics industry and all its ups and downs. The world of beauty has no secrets for him. He advocates inclusive beauty, based on scientific research, eco-friendly and authentic. While juggling several jobs during his studies, Jessy gained experience in many fields, such as retail, administration and even the hospital field.

Branding and marketing is what drives him the most, which is why he aspires of founding his own cosmetics company. He wants to connect with people through his newfound interest in content creation and is always looking for new challenges.

Magalie Billardon (she/her)


Libra with a lion ascendant, Magalie has always had a passion for all things that are beautiful. After studying film, she entered the fashion industry to fulfill her constant desire for creativity. Respect for the environment and inclusivity are values that motivate her in her daily life, both personally and professionally.

Always looking for new challenges, Magalie is more than happy to join the Beauties Lab team as a community manager.

Miléna Lamoureux (she/her)


Student in administration by day, researcher on the lookout for the latest beauty trends by night. From a young age, she accompanied her mother to all her dermatology appointments. As early as 10 years old, she would ask for skincare advice from brand representatives who came at the drugstore she worked at.

It was obvious that Miléna would one day get her foot in the skincare industry. An authentic and dynamic people person, she is the vitamin C you need for a boost of energy and to add some radiance to your life.

Lia Jureidini (she/her)


Lia is a self-taught artist. Being raised in an artistic family, she has been painting and drawing ever since she could remember.

She studied Design for the Theatre where she met and collaborated with a lot of creative people that helped her learn to think outside the box.

She believes that everyone is beautiful. Her goal is simply to enhance that beauty while making sure that her clients feel the most comfortable in their own skin. She will listen to your needs and work with you to create your perfect on-the-go look.

The Blog Team

Anne St-Onge

Anne loves to discover others and the creativity in everything. When she's not in front of her computer at her marketing job in the beauty industry, she's enjoying yoga, novels, the outdoors, art and culture. When it comes to beauty and fashion, Anne follows the minimalist, intuitive and sustainable trends.

Juliette Cordeau


Juliette is a versatile young woman: she polishes articles and writes features for Beauties. A makeup artist in her spare time, Juliette practices her art through Beauties Lab and her Instagram account @jujucordbeauty where she shares her new discoveries and most recent looks.

You can find her at Montreal's hottest new restaurant or in a spinning class. Her philosophy: it's all about balance.

@jujucord @jujucordbeauty

Julie Doan


Having spent over 15 years searching for a solution to her acne and eczema (and spending a lot of money on medication and creams), Julie finally cured her skin by changing her diet. Excited by this discovery, she has made it her mission to educate women about the intimate connection between nutrition and skin health.

Combining her nerd (pharmacist) and hippie (holistic health coach) sides, she will share with you her best wellness tips to bring out your inner glow.

@juliedoanhealth /

Kristel Chiara


A modern day treasure hunter, Kristel goes to all four corners in order to salvage clothes that have been wrongly abandoned. Sometimes a designer, she now renews herself as a sustainable fashion stylist. This path allows her to combine her creativity with eco-friendly values while shopping without any remorse.

As a professional down scroller, she doesn't count the hours when it comes to finding new ideas and tricks to advise and serve her clients.

@kristelchiara /

Lucia Ortega


Lu is our Mexican candy. She sees the beauty in everything and everyone. Loves learning new things and finds herself most fulfilled when conquering challenges that add value to her knowledge. She swears by the power of serum, sunscreen, and water...lots and lots of water. 

 @luuortt @con_lospiesenlatierra

Marianne Caron


Marianne was born under a sun sign of water and a moon sign of fire, so duality is an integral part of her life. She is becoming more and more accepting of her fiery Aries nature combined with her dreamy and sensitive Cancerian character. In addition to being a freelance makeup artist and hairstylist, she is the co-owner of Gold Dust Wedding; a turnkey beauty service for brides-to-be. In a quest to discover the truest version of herself, she embraces the feeling of not being established. A person who always wants more out of life and wants to chase it, no matter where it takes her.


Sandrine Choinière


From model to blogger, Sandrine has had a variety of experiences due to her curious nature. She worked in the fashion industry before completing studies in anthropology, international development and marketing. The common thread in all of this: the search for authenticity, meeting others and the hope of one day having her own business that will contribute to making a difference in the world. Passionate about personal development, she devours Ted Talks and is always looking for enriching human experiences. One thing is for sure, one challenge doesn't wait for another to satisfy her thirst for learning!

Photo Credit : Dariane Sanchez