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Beauties Talk with Sarah-Jane Roger-Gobeil (@alwaysplayingwithmakeup)

We had the chance to dive into the fascinating world of Sarah-Jane Roger-Gobeil, a makeup enthusiast who has captivated many with her account, @alwaysplayingwithmakeup, on Instagram.

Beyond the brilliance of makeup brushes and palettes, Sarah-Jane shares with us her thoughts on her own beauty-related personal growth. In this interview, she offers makeup tips while sharing lessons she's learned about self-confidence.

Sarah-Jane Roger-Gobeil


What motivates you to wake up every morning?

It's funny because, in reality, it's my children who wake me up and act as my morning alarm. Every morning, my son comes up to me and says, "Mom, Chloé's awake! They motivate me every day.

Then it's about connecting with people online who share my interest in make-up. I'm often asked if I have any friends who share this passion. Although I don't have many where I live, the friendships formed online inspire me to explore new things and share my experiences.


What is your definition of success?

When I reached my thirties, my vision of success changed. In the past, my idea of success was to finish my studies, get a job and grow within the company. But now, when I think of success, it's simply happiness that comes to mind. To find happiness, it's important to appreciate what you have, surround yourself with good people and do what you love every day. All of that sounds more like success to me than working long hours and having the biggest paycheck in the world. That's not for me anymore.


What's your best make-up tip?

It's important not to blindly follow makeup trends, but rather to understand what suits your face and enhances your features. I recommend that people follow others who look like them and share similar characteristics.

It can be difficult to see people on social networks who look perfect. Makeup can vary in appearance, especially with the use of filters and editing. It's important to consider what is flattering to your unique qualities, rather than imitating someone who is completely different from you. I have hooded eyes so my skin falls over my eyes. It took me a while to discover the make-up techniques that open and accentuate my eyes.

In addition, from personal experience I've come to understand that using smaller quantities of various products can be more effective. Less is more! This approach results in a unique combination that can't be reproduced by anyone else. I like to think of it as a cocktail in my own way.


What's the beauty trend of the moment that you don't like?

Putting highlighter on the tip of the nose. When it's too shiny, it reminds me of "The Tin Man" from The Wizard of Oz. If someone does it and likes it, I have no problem with it, I think it's cool! It's just not something I want to do. I'd see a picture of myself in the future and think "What was I thinking?". Sometimes tastes aren't shared and that's okay.

What's your relationship with beauty?

In my thirties, my view of beauty changed significantly. I used to work as a fashion designer. In the fashion industry, a complete glamorous look often involves the application of thick, intense foundation. After moving to Quebec City, I started working in a company where no one wore make-up. I think people wondered, "But when is she going to realize she doesn't need to wear as much makeup here?" For 2-3 years, I stopped wearing make-up altogether. After giving birth to my son, when I looked in the mirror, I no longer felt the need to wear make-up, but I also realized that I had lost a part of my identity that I cherished. For me, make-up is a form of personal expression and helped me find myself again after giving birth.

Since becoming a mother, I've had less time for myself. So taking the time to sit down and apply make-up has become a ritual for me. It's a moment of relaxation and expression where I can experiment and reinvent myself. Beauty has become a playtime that allows me to rediscover the little girl in me, but one who now accepts herself; in a way healing my inner child. I've found a balance between wearing too much make-up and not wearing any at all. 

What are the musts in your beauty kit? Have you had a chance to explore the ranges at Beauties Lab and do you have a favorite product? 

Produits maquillage Saie Grown Alchemist Rituel de Fille Huda Beauty Tarte Iconic London
  • Yes, absolutely! I discovered Beauties Lab thanks to Jessy, whom I met online. Your team then introduced me to Grown Alchemist. I love the Enzyme Exfoliant, the Deep Cleansing Facial Masque, and the Age-Repair Gel Masque. I first bought them after my first facial because they felt so good and I wanted to have them. They're my 4th tube of each, and I LOVE them.

What are your favorite Montreal companies and why?

Beauties Lab. I'm not just saying this to please you! Visits are always a warm and pleasant experience. Léa is fantastic and her team is full of jewels, every person I've met is one of a kind. The presence of love and passion is obvious. The idea that skincare is the foundation of make-up is important to me. The emphasis is on education throughout the process, which I greatly admire.

Selfcare by Bloom. I recently discovered this company at a pop-up event in Quebec City. Rosay, the founder, is from Montreal and she is an absolute angel. I appreciate that her make-up collection has been tastefully curated, without excess. When you order from this company, you'll enjoy a unique and pleasant experience, similar to a care package.


An app that changed your life?

Instagram, without a doubt. It's thanks to this app that I've been able to achieve everything I've done. I'm eternally grateful. 

The last song you listened to?

Do It All Again  by Lauren Spencer-Smith. I discovered this singer on TikTok. She's 19 and from British Columbia. I'm in love with her music. It makes me cry, it makes me smile, it gives me goosebumps. I listen to her while walking my dog and sometimes find myself singing out loud!

3 Instagram accounts you find inspiring?

I love learning makeup tips so:

  • Andreea Ali (@aliandreeamakeup) Her makeup looks are effortless and she has the ability to highlight everyone's beauty. I love learning makeup tips from her.
  • @nikki_makeup. She is a professional makeup artist from Europe. I think she has great talent!
  • @missmeganrobinson but on TikTok! She puts out her authentic personality and it shows. She doesn't conform to traditional beauty standards, which I love about her.

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