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Beauties Talk with Charlotte Piché, founder of Deux Lions Jewelry

We spoke with Charlotte Piché, founder and designer of the proudly Montreal-based jewelry brand Deux Lions.

By delving into her world, she opens up about her relationship with the beauty industry and shares what she has learned as a woman navigating this captivating but demanding world.

What motivates you to wake up every morning?

My journey in an industry I'm passionate about has been rewarding and motivating, which eventually translated into a positive lifestyle. I'm lucky enough to wake up and go to my beloved studio, see my beautiful team and meet happy customers every day. But I can experience these moments because of the early obstacles I had to overcome to grow my business, such as making jewelry until 3am, getting my hands dirty and/or preparing pop-ups as part of my daily work. Never giving up has allowed me to live a reality that attracts me and makes me happy every day, something that wouldn't have happened without perseverance and the time spent creating an inspiring workspace on my own terms, which I'm lucky enough to be able to enjoy today. If I had to pass on one nugget of wisdom to future entrepreneurs, it would be this: Perseverance is the key to success! You have to go through difficult times before you can realize your dreams, but don’t ever give up on them- and nothing and I mean nothing- is out of reach. 


What is your definition of success?

Finding the balance between passion, life and work is my definition of success. The line between work and pleasure can become blurred. It should all come together in a healthy and exciting way. Our brains are always seizing opportunities and never switch off. Working to live or living to work, it doesn't matter, as long as it's rewarding.


What is the next jewelry trend we should look out for?

For me, jewelry is much more than just a passing trend. It's a source of nostalgia and a lucky charm that puts a smile on my face. I like to create my own arrangements and when I wear them, I feel instant joy.


I'm a gold jewelry girl, but I know that silver is in fashion right now. In my new collection, I have silver items that are made to be worn daily for a bold, minimalist look. I don't know if it's a trend, but it's what I'm attracted to right now. 

Our Nuage ring and Sacred Spiral Choker as seen on one of our fave girlies Julia Jay

Deux Lions Jewelry The Nuage RingDeux Lions Jewelry Sacred Spiral Choker

What is the beauty trend of the moment that you don't like?

I don't like heavy make-up with excessive contours or exaggerated lips. I share the values of Beauties Lab and the vision of beauty of Léa, founder of the brand. Léa is my friend and an exceptional make-up wizard who appreciates natural beauty, just like I do. I prefer to highlight my unique features and embrace my individuality, and for me, that translates into natural looks.


What is your relationship with beauty?

I value simplicity and mental health. Taking care of yourself, inside and out, allows you to shine and become the best version of yourself. I use natural and ecological products to take care of my skin. Promoting kindness is also important to me as a form of beauty.

Deux Lions Jewelry Olivia Lapiz & Pearl Necklace Resin Ayla Pearl Necklace Sophia Charm on Cairo Chain in Gold

Charlotte is wearing:


What are the musts in your beauty kit?


What are your favorite Montreal companies and why?

One of my favorite Montreal companies has to be Beauties Lab. I admire the values and pillars on which the founder and my friend Léa has built her business. The Beauties Lab team always communicates transparently and inspires customers. The space is inclusive and ready to help everyone, and their product selection is great too!

I also love the work of my dear friend Edith Sevigny-Martel, a talented ceramic artist from Montreal. Her perseverance and work ethic are truly admirable, and her creations are simply impressive. Her talent is irreproachable! Edith has propelled Montreal to the forefront of the art world by following her dreams, and that's super inspiring!

Another fave is Le Centerpiece, a studio filled with the furniture and home accessories of your dreams curated by Julia Johnson, a wonderful woman. I like to shoot in their space as often as I can while dreaming up inspiring collaborations to come. Stay tuned!

Finally, Palo by Aimee & Mia - They have amazing sustainable Palo Santo products which we use all the time at our studio. From the hand soap to the home mist, we love that everything is 100% natural and made in Montreal. Not to mention the company is founded by lovely sisters Noëmie and Shannel, and together they created a range of diverse products all revolving around the Palo Santo essential oil. 

How has your culture influenced your relationship with the beauty industry?

I worked in the fashion industry when I was younger, which influenced my perception of the beauty industry. I enjoyed being able to express myself through fashion, however the environment was negative and I had some bad experiences in the modeling world. Without the support of my family who had instilled a sense of confidence in myself, it could have seriously affected me. I wanted to be part of the fashion industry without being totally immersed in it. I discovered that the jewelry industry had positive values and was open to all (age, size, ethnicity and other). This inspired me. Then I discovered the actual creation process and working with my hands which felt extremely rewarding. Luxury is about low maintenance and “bon vivant” living, so I wanted to create high-quality jewelry that would last and bring joy to people's lives.

The last song you listened to?

Sex & Candy, my band pijama land just did a cover. 

My boyfriend Evan Tetreault and I are often on the move, traveling the world and making music together. He’s also our photographer so he truly helps me bring my collections and vision to life. It's our way of capturing our adventures and creating a nostalgic mood that fits perfectly with the world of Deux Lions jewelry. With our music and jewelry, we've built a magical world where you can let yourself be transported. I like to imagine a girl wearing our jewelry and grooving to our melodies in different dreamy areas of the world. 

To discover pijama land: 


An insecurity you've managed to overcome?

Insecurities are linked to mental health, which makes them difficult to manage. When I feel strong, I can overcome my insecurities, but when I'm not, they easily resurface. I believe it's essential to work on your inner self in order to love and accept yourself. It's essential to tackle the source of the problem rather than the insecurity itself.

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