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3 Maximalist New Year’s Eve Makeup Looks

The classic, the bold, the glitter! Which one will you go for to bring in 2019?

New year, new look! Is that the saying…?

With the eve of 2019 fast approaching, many of us start reflecting on 2018. One question that comes up for many is: Did I try something new this past year?

We all want to be YES people… Saying yes to adventure and exploration. But going out of our comfort zone always sounds easier than it actually is!
Stepping out of your comfort zone in makeup looks is definitely not the end-all, and I guess we should be striving for novelty in terms of perspectives on the world, traveling, and professional development. But makeup looks can be a first step, no?

So with this new year comes a chance to try a new look - or something classic that just makes you feel damn good! Here are 3 looks worth trying out this NYE:


The classic

If you’re single, not looking for a smooch, or if you’re (like me) spending NYE away from your significant other, you’ve got the perfect reason to wear a bold red lip… No kisses!!

For a look like this, keep your skin natural and dewy, and use a muted blush like MAC’s powder blush in Melba.

For eyes, take some of the blush you used on your cheeks through your crease and create a classic cat eye liner, with two layers of mascara.

Finish it off with the red of your choice; I’d recommend MAC’s Ruby Woo for a true red, or Clove+Hallow’s lip glaze in Spicy for a deeper, brick shade.


The Bold

Why not kick off 2019 with a burst of colour? A royal blue eye look is easier than it looks to pull off. You just need the confidence.

A great eyeshadow palette for this look is Huda Beauty’s Obsessions eye shadow palette in Sapphire- it has a range of pigmented, gorgeous blues so you can choose one or mix a couple if you’d like. Pack the shade on your lid, and blend it out into a cat-eye like shape. Blend the edges well to avoid any harsh lines. Don’t forget to highlight the brow bone and inner corner!

For skin, a peachy blush and a dewy (not glittery) highlight, like Ilia’s Illuminator. Keep the focus on the eyes by wearing a creamy (not glossy, nor matte) nude lip, like Marc Jacob’s New Nudes Sheer Gel Lipstick in Moody Margot.


The Glitter

This is a NYE beauty piece- it goes without saying that I have to include at least one look with glitter… so here it is :

Make a statement with a gorgeous, silver glittery eye and be the sparkle of the party. For maximum impact, use a loose glitter, like the NYX face & body silver glitter. After applying a lash primer, apply the loose glitter with your finger. Layer it until you have the pigmentation and strength of colour you’d like- I’d say 3 layers to make sure you dazzle.

Apply a black gel liner (like Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil) to your lash line, on your tight line, and water line. Go heavy with the eyeliner to make the eyes pop even more, and then apply one coat of mascara.

Keep the skin light with a foundation like the Nars Sheer Glow, cheeks soft using only some bronzer, and finish it off with a nude lip liner. Finito! SPARKLES! YAS!

Personally, I’ll be going for the classic... a fresh faced red lip is one of my all-time favourite looks (that I don’t wear often enough), and since I won’t have any kisses this year, I have the perfect excuse.

I hope this article inspires you to try something new. Like mentioned earlier, I realize that makeup is not the “deepest” form of stepping out of your comfort zone, but for some, that task is daunting and scary. Makeup is a fun way to start, and can help bring out the confidence needed to rock the new year. Tell us in the comments, what look will you be be going for to bring in 2019?



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