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Who is KGMTL ?

We wanted to know more about Katherine Garbarino a.k.a. KGMTL.

5 letters. KGMTL.

You might have heard of her.

Well known for her beauty tips and tricks, ranging from her vegan non-dairy gluten free recipes to skincare routines, Katherine Garbarino has slowly made her way up the social media landscape, helping young women glow from the inside out. She struggled with her weight and cystic acne for 5 years and shared every step of the way trying new things, trial and error. Her audience is now very faithful to her. They trust everything she says. But how? And why? 

The Beauties Tribe asked her a few questions to get to know her better.

Credit: KGMTL

Who is KGMTL? What is your background?

KGMTL is me, Katherine Garbarino. It has always been my IG handle, even before I was sharing my life on instagram. I am an Italian Jewish girl from Montreal, 33 years old. 

What is your mission with the GLW GRLS project?

My mission is to give my content a home so my followers can access it at any time and practically have a glossary of information. I also want to bring in other women whom I admire who are experts in their own fields to give my audience as much important information as possible.

What is the message you wish to convey? 

That anything is achievable with hard work and dedication. I like to show this with my own actions and with the information I put out there.

I want to educate people on the fact that we all have options and have the choice to make decisions to better ourselves every day. I want to motivate everyone to make the best choices for their health daily. 

What was the breaking point that made you turn your life around and put more focus on health? 

I wasn’t happy with the way I felt, I wasn’t energetic. I was confident but not content and knew that there was a better way to feel. I also became obsessed with research and every time I would add a healthy habit to my routine, I would love how it made me feel and wanted to try more and more. 

Credit: KGMTL

Your top 5 skincare products?

  • Agent Nateur Holi C and Holi Water
  • Drunk Elephant Baby Facial
  • Biologique Recherche p50 Lotion
  • Egyptian Magic Cream
  • Living Libations Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever Oil Cleanser 

Any scoop you can give us on what’s coming up?

We do have a few (very exciting) things coming down the pipeline. I don't want to reveal too much, but it's definitely something that a lot of people have said I should create on my own... so stay tuned!


After years of sharing health and beauty tips on her Instagram page and Youtube channel, Katherine Garbarino recently felt the need to create more permanent content. She launched her online community: #GLWGRLS, Girls Living Well. With co-creators Steph Paris Berks and Cheria Kyres and their team, they share the latest trends in health, fitness, fashion and beauty. Check it out!

At Beauties, we believe in supporting other local female entrepreneurs and glow-getters. By doing an article about Katherine, we realized one thing : her integrity. She's honest and authentic and this is why she has so much success.  It was natural for us to share our mutual passion for beauty and self-care. Keep an eye open for more #femalepreneurs portraits on Beauties&Co

What would be your question for KGMTL? Do you follow her on social media?



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