❂ Gabriella's 5 best tips for a natural, easy and quick makeup look ❂ Main photo credit : Wallflower Management


Realistically, we often don’t have time for a full makeup routine on weekday mornings. It’s a good day if we have time for any makeup at all…  So here are some steps using only 5 products that will help you achieve a natural, easy, everyday makeup look. Be sure to cleanse and moisturize before starting. 

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#1 Light foundation / BB-CC Cream


Instead of a high coverage, thick foundation, opt for a BB cream or a light coverage. Applying a thin layer all over your face will allow you to even out your skin tone without looking heavy on the skin. If there’s a specific area you want to cover, use concealer only where you want to pinpoint. I highly recommend Mac Face & Body for a comfortable, lightweight fluid foundation. Wanna opt for a more natural product? We tried and approved the one from Lily Lolo.


#2 Cream Blush


Some people prefer bronzer over blush, but cream blush is one of my favorite products to use as an artist. The youthful flush of color it brings to the face is incomparable. For this look, I usually opt for a rosy color, but choose whichever you prefer. Using your fingers, apply a small amount of product to the apple of the cheeks and blend backwards.  One I would highly recommend is the Becca Beach Tint – stays on all day and blends very naturally on the skin. 

#3 Powder


Next is powder. Use a matifying powder sparingly, and only on the areas where you tend to get oily throughout the day. Leave other areas powder-free to maintain the dewy, natural glow. We love Lily & lolo mat powder.


#4 Mascara

Put mascara on to the top and bottom lashes to open up the eyes. 

#5 Lip Crayon & moisturizer

Add moisture and a hint of color to the lips with a moisturizing lip crayon. Or use lipbalm and a lip crayon. Have you tried the tinted lipsticks from ILIA

Finito! - A super simple, put together, everyday makeup look in under 10 minutes with only 5 products!



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