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Get your glow from within

Get it glowing with these tips to shine from the inside out!

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Achieving that natural cheeky beauty glow is not rocket science. If I were to tell you that you can look and feel beautiful by simply following a self-care routine… Would you believe me? The trick is to be constant and trust the process.

5 things to do, to get glowing skin, naturally.

I. Exercice

I am sorry to start with the one thing most of us - including moi - struggle with the most. Reality strikes again! But hey, there isn’t a more beautiful natural blush than the one you get after a spinning class or a Pilates session. Shake that booty! Stretch it out! It is a privilege to be able to move your body, and your mind, skin, and health will only benefit from it. Here at Beauties, we’re fans of Spinco, Enso Yoga and MTL Pilates.

II. Eat your greens

Our bodies love greens, so eat more of those! Apples, celery, matcha, kale, spinach, cucumber, the list goes on and on. Eat your greens to improve your energy levels and to detox from inside out.

III. Pamper yourself!


What are the things that make you feel pampered? For me, a relaxing full-body massage really hits the spot and I don’t think there’s anything better in this world. Maybe for you it’s getting a haircut and blow-out or getting a pedicure. Whatever it is that makes you feel confident and sexy….DO MORE OF IT! Psst: Our friends at Primerose offer non toxic mani-pedi!

IV. Focus on your skin

Do you have a skin care routine? You probably do. Does it include applying serum and sunblock daily? Hmmm. Serum is essential in any skin-care routine because it gives immediate and long lasting hydration to your skin, and sunblock protects your skin and prevents spots. I cannot stress this enough: sunblock is mandatory, rain or shine, you should apply it every single day.

If you want to take your skin to the highest levels of hydration and glow, a monthly facial will do the job. Beauties Lab is the only place in Quebec that offers a facial with the Australian Grown Alchemist products. The Selflove facial is a tailor-made treatment that is unlike any other because it is adapted to your skin. The beautician master will evaluate your needs with a complete skin analysis. Let yourself be introduced into the world of traditional Chinese medicine with the Gua Sha massage with rose quartz stone.

V. Drink water

Cliché? I don’t think so. At least 2 liters a day, you know this. It helps with circulation, digestion, absorption of nutrients and to eliminate what your body doesn’t need. But you want to know the basics? Our skin is an organ, in fact, the largest organ we have. It is made out of cells and they will not function if they don’t have enough water. What happens next is that skin gets dry and inelastic, which basically makes it easier to apply = WRINKLE ALERT ! You have to drink that water, to get that glow.


How do you get your glow from within? We want to know! Share your tips with us on Instagram, Facebook, email, or just in the comments down below!


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