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Beauties Pillow Talk With Cary Tauben

Ces temps-ci, je ressens le besoin de couleurs, de connections humaines, que la neige fonde pour laisser place à la magie du printemps. Comme je n'ai pas le contrôle sur mère nature, je m'assures d'être abonnée à des gens qui apportent du funkyness dans mon feed Instagram. Cary Tauben est un de mes go to quand je veux me remonter le moral ou m'inspirer. Ce styliste montréalais te fera rêver avec sa garde-robe complètement éclatée et sa chevelure digne d'une pub Kerastase. Besoin d'un deuxième café vers 3pm? Laisse tomber, va regarder ses chorégraphies dans ses stories! ÇA, ça réveille.

Crédit photo : Instagram @carytauben


Je me demandais ce que Cary pouvait bien faire chez lui en mode pandémie mondiale. Une collection de pantoufles? Des chandelles? Des masques? Alors je lui ai écrit pour tout savoir. Voici Cary Tauben


1- Describe your home in 3 words

       Eclectic. Grand. Evolving.



Crédit photo : Instagram @carytauben


2- The room you spend the most time in?

    My Closet. Yes, it's a room.

Crédit photo : Instagram @carytauben


3- Which fabric do you find the softest?

      I normally love a silk set but these days soft fleece cotton is preferred.

4- Your favorite online store for home accessories?

      1st Dibs for sure, but as of lately I've been finding nice vintage pieces on Facebook Marketplace.

5- Shower or bath?

    Steam shower then into a bath. 

6- The first 3 things you do when you get up in the morning?

More than 3 things for sure! I lift weights or get on the peloton. Then I drink water/make a juice or shake. I shower, cream face & body, jade role/guasha/face massage.


Crédit photo : Instagram @carytauben


7- Your favorite candle?

     Diptique : Sapin de nuit


8- Do you have a recipe for a DIY face or hair mask? Or a mask from a brand you love?

Not so into DIY masks, but I use the LUMA light therapy mask regularly and I love Peter Thomas Roth under eye patches. Because I have facial hair, I’ve been using the dry masks from Charlotte Tilbury. You can loop them around the ear and do whatever you need to do around the house. 

9- Any wardrobe tips for people looking for activities during confinement?

Most of us have been living in sweats so I try to dress up at least once or twice a week even if it's to wash the dishes, or do the laundry. I find it really helps me feel normal and fabulous!

10- The 3 instagram accounts that inspire you the most at the moment.

My brothers fiance @Aureta*, @Bijouhome, @themillievintage

* Side note from Beauties editor : WE'RE HUGE FANS OF AURETA!!

11- A Canadian company that makes beautiful pyjamas?

This store makes gorgeous robes : Boutique Palma.

12- Your skincare routine at night?

     Zoskin health face wash
     Zoskin Health complexion renewal pads
     Zoskin health enzymatic peel or exfoliation accelerator
     Guasha, jade roll or face massager
     Kate Summerville eradikate on blemishes 
     Aquafor on the lips 

13- Take out?

Omma, Kazu, Juni.

14- What's on your bedside table?

      A photo of my partner, a Cat toy, my Aquafor and my body cream, a water bottle and an apple tv clicker.

15- Fill in : "Home is where _my cat prince____ is.

Crédit photo : Instagram @carytauben

16- Do you prefer to plan your days or not?

    It really depends on the day, I'm very go with the flow but when I'm on the road for work I prefer to plan so I get everything I need to get done in an organized fashion.

17- The first thing you'll do when we're done with the pandemic.

      Travel for a month at least. Dance with my friends. 


Juste lire ses réponses, ça va nous donner de l'inspiration jusqu'à cet été! :)


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