Beauties Sounds Vol. 5 By Verena Garcia - Beauties Lab

Beauties Sounds Vol. 5 By Verena Garcia

Tu peux l'écouter ici :) tu découvriras aussi d'autres playlist de Verena, spécialiste de la peau au Beauties Lab!

What inspired you for the playlist ? 

 My warm and cozy treatment room. I want every human who steps into it to feel like they're in a cocoon.

When is the best moment to listen to it ? 

 When you come for a facial ;)

If I say Beauties, what comes to mind?

My second home, my happy place, my other family. Peaceful energy. Sunlight. 


What is your current favorite item from the Beauties Lab , or the next one you'd like to try ?


I've been loving my Omy cleansing mousse recently. I use it at night as my second cleanse, it leaves my skin feeling fresh but never dehydrated.

What's your motto? 

 Slowly but surely. :)

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