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The Truth About Candles : Which Ones To Avoid + Our Favorites!

There’s something magic about how candles can transform a space and boost a mood, but there’s also something scary buried under all the wax. Read more to light-up the truth.

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I fell in love with candles not more than 3 years ago. There is something about the sophisticated and subtle atmosphere from a high-end boutique - yes, you know that fancy AF scent- that makes me feel like I am getting pampered even if I don’t end up purchasing anything. I tried replicating this sensation by buying expensive candles and placing them at strategic spots in my apartment. And just like that, my one-bedroom sloppy apartment transforms into a chic high-end hotel room. This is what I like to call the magic of the candle.

It was all fancy smells and magic until a friend told me I have been burning chemicals and toxics in my home for 3 years. She explained that, evidently, this affects my health and my partner’s health who, to make matters worse, is asthmatic. Candles can be nocive because the fake fragrances and the smoke you breathe goes directly into your brain.

So what are the big NO, NO’s when buying a candle?

Here are three main things you should avoid in candles:


  • Artificial Fragrance: the word “fragrance” on the labels can be up to a hundred different chemicals because companies are not required to disclose what’s under the term, so they can include any other chemical without communicating it.


  •  Metal wicks: when the little metal at the end of the candle burns, it releases heavy metals that goes into your breathing system.


  •  Paraffin wax: the majority of candles is made with this type of wax and it is made with chemicals, so when you burn it, you are basically burning chemicals in your home.  


Non-toxic aromas

When I found out about the harming effects of candles I did some research and was not disappointed to find that many companies make clean non-toxic versions of my favorite scents as well as other products that I use for personal care or house maintenance. Here are some of my favorite brands to buy candles and other naturally scented products:


1.     Malaya Organics – Wild Blossom Candle

This 100% natural aromatherapy candle is made with pure Coconut Wax and scented with essential oils. An ambiance blend of Lavender, Cedarwood, Amber, Frankincense, and Citrus envelops you in an intoxicating herbal, fresh and musky aroma that is addictive and unforgettable.
All their candles are made with cotton and lead-free wick dipped in vegetable wax. Malaya is a small company based in Brooklyn, and also one of Lea’s favorite picks. Beauties Lab is the only physical store in Canada to carry them.


 2.     UMA- Wellness candle

This candle smells like pure bliss. It is sophisticated, airy and light. It comes in a hand-etched glass and the essential oils are sourced from a family farm in India that also supplies high-end perfumeries. It is made of soy wax and essential oils of lavender, rose and sandalwood.   


3.     My Pure Life Style

I can’t decide what I love the most about these candles: the smell or the design. They collaborate with upcoming artists to apply their designs on the products, which results in seriously cool packaging. They offer a healthy line of scents that enhance the mood for a more balanced life, with three different candles: Purifying candle, Energy Boost candle, and the Calming candle.


Which candle brand is your favorite? Why?




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