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Adult acne : WTF is going on?

If you deal with acne, you have to read this!

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I met Sandra Lerga during an advertising campain. While I was doing her hair and makeup, we talked about skin so I automatically started complaining about my acne. For those who follow Beauties on instagram, you know it is my battle right now. For those who don't : I've had cystic acne (you know, the big pimples under your skin that hurts) since I stopped the pill and tried the Jaydess sterilet. A year ago, I removed it because of the contractions and hot flashes it gave me. Thank god It stopped, but I still suffer from cystic acne. So Sandra told me she wasn't only a model ; she's a health coach and herbalist. I wanted to share with you today all the information she gave me because I know there's many of you who have to deal with the f*cking adult acne. 

1- What is your background?

I've been a fashion model for over 20 years and I am also a trained Health Coach and herbalist. I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York in 2000 and certified under master herbalist Peeka Trenkle in 2001.

2- How can we, women around 30 years old, deal with adult acne without medication?

That is a GREAT question. The key word here is medication.

We are being overly medicated in this day and age. it is, unfortunately, creating many new strains of antibiotic resistant super bugs.  Far too many people are being treated with antibiotics for virtually any ailment, when it should be used for emergency cases only. As a result, many acne sufferers, even after multiple rounds of antibiotics, will still suffer from terrible breakouts and acne symptoms not to mention be left with excessive strains on their livers, and possibly, other side effects.

The better choice is to make a few dietary changes, incorporate supportive healing foods and high-quality supplements and teas. Not only will you heal your acne symptoms but doing so will actually address the underlying problem and heal any other related issues as well like styes, migraine headaches, sinus problems, bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections and UTI’s.

The key here is to understand that the root cause of acne is not to be blamed on our natural skin oils nor on our hormones. In fact, the acne is being triggered by a bacterium that is not found on the surface of the skin but in our lymphatic system.

It is called strep-familiarly known as a terrible sore throat!

Streptococcus can start in childhood as an innocuous sore throat, tonsillitis or bronchitis. The trouble happens when it remains in the body and continues to move throughout your different organs because it is now antibiotic resistant. Antibiotics feed this bacteria and the only way to break it down is by strengthening your immune system with a natural healing protocol.

Fortunately, there are many natural anti-bacterial and healing foods that kill acne causing Strep and also do an amazing job to strengthen the immune system!

To begin seeing results, make sure to include the foods on this list on a regular basis. Whenever possible choose fresh organic fruits and veggies to better your chances of healing and breaking down the virus.

In fact, the more fresh organic fruits and veggies the better your chances are of healing.


Raw Garlic (crush a clove in your salads) and onions. While you may be shy about eating these veggies raw, they are fantastic at killing viruses so do your best to bring them into your diet.

Greens! Mache, raw spinach, kale, chard and butter leaf, red leaf and green leaf lettuce. All leafy greens possess high levels of medicinal properties and are a big ally in your recovery from acne. 

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Sandra's Classic Green Juice

1 small kale bunch (3-5 leaves)
1 small cucumber cut
2-3 celery stalks
1-2 red apples cored
1/2 lemon peeled if not organic
2-3 inch ginger

Cherries, berries and lots of wild blueberries (which luckily are grown right here in Eastern Canada and you can get at Costco) and bananas are fantastic at fighting against strep related issues.

Including antibacterial herbs are a must! Make it a habit to cook with, make tea or eat raw on salads: Oregano, thyme, sage, ginger, cayenne, cinnamon and turmeric.

Also, juicing straight cucumber is amazing at healing acne. This is my daily 16 oz go- to, to keep youthful healthy-looking skin!



Eggs, gluten, dairy products, canola oil and corn products.

Also taking additional antibiotics and steroids should be avoided.

Unfortunately, these feed the bacteria and cause inflammation. 



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High quality Zinc

High Quality Ester C

Lemon Balm

Chamomile and peppermint tea but Watch out for Monosodium glutamate. Pick organic and read ingredients!

Can you tell me 3 natural products everyone needs on a daily basis to ensure good health?


Everyone is deficient! This is a top brand that has both Methycobalamin and Adenosylcobalamin which need to be present to make a complete B12.


Sadly, our soils conventional and organic are very depleted of vital minerals.

Hawaiian Spirulina Powder

Top food source for rebuilding immunity, detox + reducing viral load.

What natural products people keep talking about but actually don’t do anything special for us?

Fermented foods like Kombucha, sauerkraut, yogurt, kimchi, etc.

Back in the day when folks didn’t have a super market to pop into or a fridge to store their produce in, they had to resort to pickling and fermenting. The “probiotics” on fermented foods is not life giving, it thrives off the decay process. In other words, they thrive on death not life! 

Instead turn to the elevated biotics which are found on raw living fruits and veggies and on the back of all organic leafy greens, they thrive on life and will repopulate your gut with the highest quality probiotics. The probiotics in yogurt do not withstand the stomach's acids therefore never reaching your intestinal tract. If you want extra support use a high-quality probiotic like Mary Ruth’s . 

What type of services do you offer?

I offer 3, 6 and 9 months coaching and teaching packages helping clients recover from chronic issues back to optimal health. It includes detox plans, recipes, resource sharing, pantry and fridge makeovers just to name a few and 24/7 email support while I walk you back to a new, glowing, happy healthy you!  

Make sure to follow Sandra on Instagram (@holisticsandra) for tips, recipes and more!



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