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5 Easy Ways to Add Neon Colors to Your Style

Celebrities can’t stop wearing neon colors and here’s how you can add it to your style.

Le head wrap : l’accessoire qui manque à ta vie! Vous lisez 5 Easy Ways to Add Neon Colors to Your Style 4 minutes Suivant Porter la "chain belt" en 2019

Do you ever sometimes feel like nobody sees you? It usually happens when I’m driving. I mean, why would people check their blind spots, right? Anyways, feeling seen and understood is a lifelong fight. I would love to help though. You will never feel transparent anymore because I have a great solution: wear neon colors! And how great of a coincidence it is, because it’s in trend this season! We’re seeing it everywhere, literally, from a distance lol. But how do you know what highlighter color to pick for you, where to wear it or even if it suits your style/personality? Just follow these simple rules.

1. Check with your skin tone

I’m in the wear whatever you want team, but I mean some colors will suit you better than others. For neon colors here is what I suggest:

  • Fair skin

Dare for the hot pink, it’ll make the pink undertones of your pale skin pop.

  • Medium skin

Try to go for orange and yellow. But then again, everything looks good on a tan.

  • Dark skin

For darker skin tones, dare for the neon green or purple, you will shine!



2. Go slow, ain’t nobody rushing you

You don’t have to dress in neon from head to toe. If you’re scared to dare, start with a splash of it! Accessories are always one’s savior. Dress in your usual color palette and add neon colored belt, earrings or even a bag. Have you ever thought about your shoe game? Any outfit would look amazing with a neon shoe. Did you know Fila just released a neon disruptor?

 3. Print it up!

Sometimes, having the flashy color in a print instead of a color block works best for your lifestyle. And if you like fashion, it can be a way to mix two trends at the same time. Right now, we’re all about snake skin print. So how about a neon snake skin print? Then, you can keep your other clothing item neutral, like denim. You can even find neon accessories with a print!

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4. For the make-up lover…

Being flashy isn’t for everyone. Maybe the neon trend will work best for you in the make-up department. I can totally see a neon nail polish, lipstick and even an eye liner. If you love the trend but isn’t willing to quite your happy color, black, have fun with the make up

5. It’s all about balance

Whichever body type you are, you’re beautiful. But, neon colors are so intense; they can make you look larger sometimes. Think about it: If you are pear shaped, try wearing the splash of color on top. If you are apple shaped, wearing them on the bottom will be perfect. If you have a perfect figure (I hate you), wear it anywhere you want!


You deserve to be visible from afar. I would love for you to find the strength to be bold. Let your voice be heard. I’m sure that if you adopt the neon color trend you will feel empowered and loud. Whether it’s from head to toe or just in an accessory, neon colors will look amazing and spring will feel closer than ever. Would you ever dare to neon?


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