Jazmin Saraï , portrait of an artisan perfume brand. - Beauties Lab

Jazmin Saraï , portrait of an artisan perfume brand.

Portrait of an Montreal based perfumer who creates smells inspired by music!

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I met Dana a few years ago, when we were both working at Sephora. I was a beauty advisor and she worked in the fragrances department. I didn’t know a lot about perfume back then. I remember walking to Dana one day and she said : “I think you should try that fragrance”, handing me a weird old looking Givenchy bottle, Hot Couture. She didn’t know anything about me and made a suggestion that became my fragrance for two years. Her passion is undeniable and she got me hooked on her knowledge really fast. 

4 years ago, she launched Jazmin Saraï. A collection of fragrances that is handcrafted in small batches with quality ingredients and the history behind each fragrances is authentic. Her origins have a great impact on her work. 

Photo : Bianca Iasenzaniro @biasenzaniro
Crédit photo : Bianza Iasenzaniro

The fragrance I am currently wearing is one of the two latest she launched. NAR tells the tale of her grandparent’s wedding night. 

A halo emanates from the heart of Cairo, on a cool December evening in 1959. 

Hafez gets up on stage and asks: “What does the bride want to hear?”

“Your Love is Fire” , she answers.

Embers of love and longing. Love burns, ignites, its flame forging two into one for good or bad, in sickness and in health. »

It is now my winter fragrance, the smell reminds me of the fireplace at my grandparent’s. For me, the whole process of creation and the story behind what I buy is as important as the fragrance itself. It’s hard to explain why we fall in love with smells… I like to think of it as a connection with memories.  

Photo : Kyle Smith
Crédit photo : Kyle Smith

Dana is a synesthete, meaning she has a perceptual condition in which the stimulation of one sense triggers an automatic experience in another sense. Her senses transform melodies into smells. For Dana, listening to music is both an olfactory and an auditive experience.

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You can have the full experience on her website where every fragrance is linked to a song, but the very best option is to find her at one of the many artisan markets she attends every year : put the headphones on and smell away. 

Photo : Dana Samara @knafehandtea
Crédit photo : Dana Samara @knafehandtea 

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