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Beauties Talks Beauty with Dana El Masri

Beauties talks beauty with Dana El Masri, the artisan perfume designer behind Jazmin Saraï.



"Beauties talk beauty " is an excuse for meeting women who inspire us with their story and style. Dana is my typical kind of girl crush, Lebanese-Egyptian beauty who’s very knowledgeable and passionate about everything she does. She is the founder of Jazmin Saraï.

Photo : @ab.e.l_

Her relation with beauty

« I’m a mix of many parts of the world and a few cultures. I'm half Lebanese, half Egyptian, born in Budapest, and I grew up in Dubai. My art medium is scent and my goal is to raise awareness on our sense of smell. Coming from the Middle East, I have always had a passion for scent and ritual.

I used to have a much more complex beauty and skin care routine, but as I have aged, I have simplified it greatly. The colour of my skin changes drastically from Summer to Winter, so I tend to wear a little more makeup in the winter to cover my dark circles. In the summer, I just want to get sun! So I'm out without any makeup more often. I'm also trying to embrace my dark circles so I don't wear concealer on purpose sometimes to embrace the skin I'm in. »

Photo : Bianca Iasenzaniro / @biasenzaniro

Her skincare routine

I prep with an under eye cream, either Sephora brand or Caudalie. I'm currently using an oil blend I made with a drop of Mandy Aftel's Jasmine Face Elixir  and I use Caudalie's Instant Detox mask to clean up my skin from time and time, along with the mask-creme when I'm especially dry. I occasionally tone with Rose Water. 


Photo : Mallory Lowe/ @lowemallory

Let’s talk makeup

I've been wearing way less makeup since the pandemic. I stick to mascara and some concealer with a touch of highlighter, either Fenty Match Stix or Glossier's Haloscope.

I'm really into the graphic liner trend so I might have some fun now that spring and summer are coming! I used to love playing with turquoise liner or my go-to kohl back in the day, would be nice to bring it back. 
For lips, my go-to is still Bite Beauty, I gifted myself a custom blend at their bar in Toronto the last time I was there. It's warm and peachy and works with everything. Now, if only I could wear lipstick with a mask on! 

Photo : Bianca Iasenzaniro / @biasenzaniro

Her body + hair care

I've been using cocoa butter for over fifteen years, so that's what I use for the most part, that and coconut oil. I make perfumed body/bath oils for myself too so I use those. Usually in fractionated coconut oil and Argan oil, infused with flowers. Sometimes I use Jojoba too. I have very long hair so I make hair oils + masks for myself, mostly with coconut oil, aloe and honey with a drop of Rose oil, or I use Jasminum for my body & hair ritual.

In terms of health, I drink at least one large glass of water upon rising and many more throughout the day. I make sure to take my vitamin D+ Zinc (hello, Canada!) to stay positive. Magnesium at the end of the evening as well as my omega 3. I have been starting every day with a shot of lime + some drops of Ashwagandha tincture. I have also included adaptogens in my coffee and drinks and I really feel the difference! 

Photo : Bianca Iasenzaniro / @biasenzaniro

About fragrances

There are so many. I love perfume and the people behind them! I can't wear too much when I'm in the lab so it doesn't get in the way of what I'm making but it's rare that I don't wear anything. I always connect my scent to what I'm wearing, how I feel that day, what colour I think it is, how hot/cold it is outside...I love the ritual of perfuming oneself. I place some on my wrists, behind my ears and lightly spritz some on my clothes. I take a deep breath and start the day! 

Photo Bianca Boswell
Photo : Bianca Boswell / @biancaboswell_

I layer almost everything with musk, whether it's a musk oil I got in Harlem or Serge Lutens' Clair de Musc. I also really love L'Eau d'Hiver by Jean-Claude Ellena for Frederic Malle, when I can afford it. I now have Musc Ravageur by Maurice Roucel for Frederic Malle, but since it's so strong, I've diluted it, wearing it sparingly on a cold day or when I'm not working. Feminité du Bois by Serge Lutens; La Musc et le Peau, Parfumerie Generale; Paco Rabanne's 'Ultra Violet' ( vintage, like 1996).

I've been wearing a jasmine perfume I made inspired by an installation I created for Take Care of Yourself back in 2017, called Smell the Jasmine/Shim El Yasmeen. It brings me a lot of joy, peace and good memories. 

Photo : Bianca Iasenzaniro / @biasenzaniro

Photo : Bianca Iasenzaniro / @biasenzaniro

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