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OTIS & ME Perfume
OTIS & ME Perfume

Jazmin Sarai

OTIS & ME Perfume

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Jazmin Saraï embodies the union between the queen of white flowers and the king of musical genres, Jazz, wafting along in unison through the inner walls of a palace (Saraï). Each perfume is an olfactive reimagining... An homage to the artists and cultures that inspired them. Jazmin Saraï perfumes are non-binary, made for everyone, in small batches with biodegradable ingredients, making for a sustainable practice. Jazmin Saraï tells the stories of artists, people of colour, swapping the eurocentric lens for one sharper in its nuance. By connecting scent, sound and culture, we raise awareness on the unappreciated and under-represented. Scent is the sense most strongly linked to memory and emotion. Scent and sound, invisible mediums, elicit raw emotions from deep within. Combined, they offer a glimpse into the world of synesthesia*, highlighting the power of music and the effect of the sense of smell on our subconscious. 


A black & white diner scene with the grand Otis.

Enveloped in a cloud of smoke, a cup of coffee in your hand. He speaks, gritty voice and all… The scent of the coffee takes over, swirls of cigarette smoke hovering above and you are completely enamored by conversation.

Otis speaks to you in rhythms. He’s young, ambitious and full of dreams. So are you.

Fragrance Notes
Black pepper, cardamom, rose absolute, incense resinoid, coffee grains.

Music Genres
R&B, Soul.
Otis & Me is inspired by the Otis Redding song, "Cigarettes and Coffee" (1966)

As a disclaimer, Stax, the estate/remaining affiliates of Otis Redding do not endorse this or any other product made by Jazmin Saraï.

OTIS & ME Perfume

OTIS & ME Perfume