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Muscle Massage Oil SELV x ACTE

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A special edition from two local companies we love? YES PLEASE!

This muscle massage oil will definitely improve your post-workout recovery. A blend of oils, herbs, wood and essential oils, selected for their restorative effect.


Use it as a body massage oil. Apply 1 or 2 pipettes on the desired area. You can also add a few drops on your wrists to enjoy the relaxing effect.
The oil will nourish your epidermis. A good oil will help your skin to maintain the water thus its hydration. It also contains vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial for your overall skin health.

The oil smells like cedar, wood and smoke.


Enjoy your ritual, with a free Acte on (general website, the collaborative section with SELV.RITUEL is only available when you purchase a product from the SELVxACTE collection, or if you subscribe to Acte Training) with every purchase.
The link for your free Acte will be in your product's box. Each product has its own Acte.

ACTE TRAINING Session with ACTE 1 - Stretching

ACTE TRAINING Session with ACTE 2 - Work out introduction 

ACTE TRAINING Session with ACTE 3 - Self-massage 

ACTE TRAINING Session with ACTE 4 - Guided meditation

ACTE TRAINING Session with ACTE 5 - Breathwork


Wintergreen essential oil, Rosemary essential oil, Vetiver essential oil, Pine essential oil, Palo Santo essential oil, Grapefruit essential oil, Rose essential oil, Jojoba oil, Baobab oil, Vitamin E.

Size - 100mL

*For external use only. Do not apply on lips, eyes nor genitals.

Muscle Massage Oil SELV x ACTE

Muscle Massage Oil SELV x ACTE