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What is Kansa?

Like the metal used for sacred Tibetan bells and gongs, Kansa bronze is highly resonant.

This tool provides a sacred means for facial (and whole-body) rejuvenation, harnessing your inherent vibration.

A gentle massage of the face with Kansa directs life-force energy to open marma points (Ayurvedic vitality points on the body) to tune the subtle energies and impart a rosy glow. The face appears more open, relaxed, clear and vibrant, with less puffiness.

The Facial Wand is a rounded dome with a beautiful hand-carved wooden handle made of from the Indian-native tree Babool. KANSA is the Indian name for Bell metal, a hard alloy usually a form bronze, with approximately 4:1 ratio of copper to tin. It massages the face and body in meditative circular motions and long strokes. The smooth surface quickly warms and feels like a warm hand. The rounded shape can help release tension in the jaw, temples, cheekbones & third eye.
1. Apply 3-6 drops of serum to your hands.
2. Apply a light layer of serum to your face.
3. Massage in circles around the middle of the forehead.
4. Massage in zig-zags and draw the figure 8 pattern on the forehead.
5. Back and forth over the right eyebrow & the right temple area.
6. Counter-clockwise then clockwise around the eye socket.
7. Counter-clockwise then clockwise around & under the cheekbone.
8. From nostril to the ear.
9. From the right corner of the mouth up to the ear lobe.
10. Circle in front of the ear.
11. From the tip of the chin along the jawbone.
12. Circle in front of the ear.
13. From the tip of the chin along the jawbone.
14. Circle in the middle of the chin and then do the same in reverse.
15. Along the jawline.
16. Circle in front of the ear.
17. To and from around the mouth to the earlobe & from nostril to ear.


The primary reason for this is because of acidity.
Acidity reacts with the metal (copper, tin and trace of zinc) and creates the greyness on the skin.

Here are some of the reasons:
1. In Ayurvedic terms it can be that you are strongly constitutionally, or as a result of life's circumstances conditionally PITTA. This fiery quality tends to make the body/and or skin more prone to acidity.

2. It can and also be the result of DIET and/or an environment that has a lot of pollution in the air.

3. Products that you use on your body and complexion have residual chemicals in them. These can remain in the pores of your skin and react when in contact with the Kansa metal. This could be from sunscreen, moisturizers, make-up etc. They might be excellent products but just not suited to your skin type, in which case the Kansa is giving you vital feedback.

4. The greying can affect you immediately or after a period of time.
In terms of time factor, it can be that you're rubbing away on your face and feet and after 5 minutes the greying begins to come out.

The greying will easily wipe off with our Oil Cleanser, your face cleanser of choice, mist or any facial oil.

Enjoy using this beautiful ancient Ayurvedic Beauty Tool on yourself and or family and friends! It is a ritual of love!

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