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Inside the Red Lip Looks of the Beauties Tribe

Take a peek inside the Red Lips looks of the Beauties’ Tribe 💋

The series is back! And this time, with a hint of colour 😉

We know that a red lip can be intimidating, especially if you don’t have much experience with makeup. But here at Beauties, we find red lips to be a statement look, that is surprisingly easy to master! A few of us love red lips and aren’t afraid to venture out regularly. So, we decided to share our favourite products we use when creating this classic look.

Here, you’ll get to peek inside the makeup bags of the Beauties’ Tribe red lips 💋Hopefully it’ll inspire you to wear one next Monday morning, or Friday night…✨

Gabriella, Collaborator


For me, nothing suits a red lip more than a nice (short) winged eyeliner. When I’m doing this look, I keep everything else simple so the focus stays on the lips.


For the face I keep it minimal as the focus should stay on the lips. Some concealer where needed, a bit of sculpting and highlighting, and finally a perfect nude blush (I use tarte’s paaarty Amazonian clay 12-hour blush pretty much every day).


Kiko’s Summer2.0 Eyeshadow in Ombretto is great for this. Then I take my tarte precision longwear eyeliner and draw a little flick at the outer corner, and continue drawing a thin line all the way to the inner corner. This elongates the eye to create a lovely almond shape. I apply some black mascara, and the eyes are done!


And finally, the lips! I love D&G’s ‘Dolce Flirt’ (#621) lipstick, and I use a small detail brush to help with application. It’s quite matte, and when it’s done, I tap the center to blend the colour into my lips. And that’s it! A red lip look is pretty easy to do and doesn’t take much time, the only drawback is that it’s pretty high maintenance if you’re going out to eat or drink… but hey, it looks damn good. 💄

Marianne, Contributor


Sooo.. I actually haven’t wear a full face of makeup in a very long time. I am more of a lip balm + mascara kind of gal, but when I go out I sometimes like to spice up my look with a red lip. I have been ‘’Marie Kondo’ing‘’ my makeup kit recently, so I don’t own a lot for my personal kit. But here’s what I’m loving:


I’m really into Glossier Balm Dotcom in Cherry, because it reminds me of my childhood lip smacker and it’s tint pigment is great.
For an everyday red lip look, I dab a bit of the Nars Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil in Cruella, with my finger and voilà, I get a red lip stain that’s not too intense.
I’m not really into matte lipstick anymore… I gave in to the glossy trend. So when I’m feeling wilder, I go for my Dior Addict Fluid Stick on top of a lip liner to keep it in place. It’s very pigmented and hydrating!
Also shown: Bite Beauty Agave lip mask because it is my favourite lip balm to use, and it’s definitely a must before applying anything.

Kristel, Contributor



I have to admit that I was a little shy to open up about what’s in my make-up bag… Even though I am a huge admirer of women who coordinate their make-up to their daily outfit, I don’t wear much myself. A good cream/serum, a concealer, and a lash curler are just enough for my daily beauty routine.

To be completely honest, the main reason is because I’m too lazy to wash it off every night. That’s why I only wear mascara 3 or 4 times a year (when an event is worth the 10 minutes to remove all the black before I crawl into bed).

That being said, I still like to look cute from time to time and a bold lip is a classic go-to.


My face essentials include concealer… especially during the winter, when my face turns as green as an avocado. #thanksforthegenesmom
I’ve been using a great creamy one from Anastasia Beverly Hills, which has unfortunately been discontinued.. so I’ll have to find a new one soon.

Next is a CC cream. I recently had a friend introduce me to Arbonne products.. I was astonished! My favourite product is their CC cream, which I use to blend up my concealer and cover imperfections. It’s lightweight, blends perfectly with my skin, and protects me with FPS30. Did I mention how lazy I am when it comes to my beauty routine? Hence this beautiful multi-tasking product 🤩

Lastly for face, I like to add some dimension. But instead of contouring, I prefer to just add some light on my upper cheek bones, and on my cupid’s bow. I use the Maybelline master strobing stick in medium glow: it’s very convenient to apply and not as sparkly as a disco ball.💃


For eyes, I go for the cat eye: Classic, sexy and fierce. The line never really looks the same on both eyes, but our faces are asymmetrical anyway so why bother?!
Until I find THE best quality/price ratio, I always try different eyeliners. I just got a mini-sized Kat Von D tattoo liner for my birthday (I love it!) and I'm considering buying the full size soon. I like that the colour is a true BLACK; not light black, grey black, blueish black, it’s BLACK BLACK. The tip is very easy to use when drawing a thin line, doesn’t crack when it dried (which is pretty awesome).


The main course for this part is a bold Red or Strawberry-Red lip. I always go for matte because anything shiny really doesn’t suit me.
I have this Lise Watier Rouge Gourmand Velours in Cassis which I love. It’s more of a Dark Fuchsia than a Red but looks amazing.
I sometimes alter the shade by working with another tone as a lip liner. For this, I use my tiny (oh so old!) Yves-St-Laurent Dessin Des Levres.
And that’s that! Simple & bold.

Gabrielle, Contributor


Whether it's for red or any other colour, I always perform the same steps before applying my lipstick. In my opinion, the most important step (but one that is often neglected) is to exfoliate! So that the lips are smooth and therefore the product goes on much better.


Recently, I’ve been using Skinn's Sugar Lips, which leaves absolutely no unwanted chapped skin, and allows me to apply my lipstick more evenly. Then I apply a drop of Josie Maran's Pure Argan Oil to moisturize. I love this kind of multi-purpose product; I use it for my face, my hair and even my cuticles 💅.

I also carry the Sephora Honey Lip Scrub in my purse, since it has a practical size, is moisturizing, and tastes quite yummy 😉. I like to use Lancôme's La Base - a must have in my kit for several years. Another step I never neglect is the application of a lip liner to define the contours of my lips and help avoid spills of colour. I like to use the Essence lipliner in Femme Fatal. Since red lips can be worn in many different ways, I had no choice but to tell you about several products in my kit:

I don't know why, but when I think of a red mouth, I automatically think of Lancôme (#marketing). I worked for the brand for a few years and I have always loved L'Absolu Rouge (my tube is a limited edition that is no longer available), for its very moisturizing formula that also plumps up my lips a little.

I also really like the pigmentation and hold of the Too Faced’s Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Lady Balls. It's probably my favourite shade of red.

Though, I’ve recently found myself being more and more attracted to the healthier ingredients of Bite Beauty’s products. I like their cream pencil, with its thinner format, which allows for precision.

As for the application, I like to vary: I use the stick directly, a brush, my finger... Léa made an awesome guide on how to apply your lipstick, to create several different looks and effects.

From beginners to seasoned beauty pros.. red lips are a staple for many women. You don’t need much to complete the look. It’s such a sexy classic… you don’t wanna think twice the next time you’re contemplating putting on that lipstick. 😍
Tell us in the comments: what’s your favourite product when it comes to creating this classic look?


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