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Masc for Masks: Masking for Men.

Guys, find out the ABC’s when giving your skin a little TLC with face masks,

Come on guys, let's have a have a talk about something you definitely think about, but probably never talk about around other guys: beauty. Yes, we know that in a man's world its only socially acceptable to speak about your weekly workout routine, or your hot date, but reality is that the girl you're planning to score on Friday night probably will think twice about your biceps if you dont keep your skin in check. Trust me, she's already called me about it. 

Don't worry, I'm not here to attack your masculinity, but to tell you it's time to treat yourself. You see, the common mistake is that skincare is strictly a feminine thing. Only women are allowed to have good looking, moisturized, healthy glows? Guess again. Actually, I dare you to take a look in your best mate's medicine cabinet, you'll probably find at least a moisturizer in there.  Now let me introduce you to the next step: the mask. Highly popular, and extremely versatile, face masks can help clean, tighten, and soften skin, whether they are overnight, or as a step in daily skin routine. Now you might be new to this, so let me break down the main types you can find, and even give you some personal recommendations. Don't worry, I got you.

Before you apply any of the following products, CLEAN YOUR FACE! Even the best products need some help to do their job, this enables ingredients to really penetrate the skin. 

Clay Masks: The Detox

Chances are that if you have seen someone using a mask on tv, its usually a clay mask. Effective for all skin types, clay masks use (of course) clay to remove excess oil and dirt from skin, and have nutrients of their own that help leave skin smoother, softer, and even brighter. The most effective way to use it is along the t-zone of your face, where extra oil produces. A personal go-to clay mask is Kiehl's Rare Earth Clay Mask.


Kiehl's Rare Earth Clay Mask $33,


Fruit or Plant Based Masks: Vitamin Boosting

Now that you have been initiated, let's talk about another common mask on the shelf: the vitamin booster. Doctors might tell you that eating fruits and vegetables gives you all the right vitamins (which they do), but next time put those oranges on your face, and see your skin brighten under your eyes. Masks such as the Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy Boosting Face Mask take nutrients found in plants and fruits, and absorb them right back into skin when applied (for best results, place in fridge before use.)

Fresh Vitamin Nectar Face Mask $62


Sheet Masks: Hydration

Our last stage of this mask triathalon might be for those nights where no one is coming over. A sheet mask is the most novelty of the mask family. Made of gel or microfiber, a sheet mask is saturated in product like egg whites Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask allowing you to place, leave on, and throw away the sheet as the left over product gets absorbed into your pores. This method is really popular in skincare-centric Korea, where egg whites are used as a major hydration go-to. 

Egg Cream Mask $6 Each


Now that you've been shown the ABC's of masking, you can make sure to squeeze in some time after your next workout to put the same effort into your skin. Chances are you will thank me, and so will she. 

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