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Travel essentials to pack for your next vacation!

Travel essentials you shouldn’t forget on your trip this summer!

It’s officially summer! Which, for many, is synonymous with travel and vacations. When planning a trip, packing is something often left to the last-minute, which can cause some important items to not make it into your bag… Here, I’ve put together a shallow list of travel essentials; things I always pack, no matter where I’m going or for how long I’ll be there! You may think it's basic, but trust me, every time I travel with friends I seem to be the only one who brought all of the essentials! ✈️


Being comfortable on long haul flights is a mystery I have yet to solve, but these few things help greatly.

-       Earphones (the ones that reduice the noise are amazing)

-       Neck pillow & sleep mask

-       Hand sanitizer (love the lavender hand sanitizer from Bleu Lavande, it helps to relax.)

-       Electronics (Phone/tablet/laptop... Fully charged!)

-       Snacks (nothing that makes you bloaded : fruits, veggies, crackers...)

-       Lip balm, face moisturizer and hand cream that I apply at takeoff and landing)



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Toiletry Bag 

This category is pretty self-explanatory.

-       Toothbrush

-       Toothpaste

-       Deodorant 

-       Hair brush (The tangle teezer is great because of its small size!)

-       Shaving razor

Skin care

Always take care of your skin. No excuses. Even for hangovers.

-       Make up wipes

-       Cleanser

-       Moisturizer

-       Sunscreen/SPF

-       Lip balm (preferably with SPF as well)

Make up basics

You can definitely travel without make up, this is just a small list of 5 basics for a simple, put-together look.

-       Tinted moisturizer

-       Cream blush

-       Cream highlighter

-       Mascara

-       Your go-to lipstick




By definition of category, these are not essentials, but still. I couldn’t recommend a universal adapter plug more highly.

-       Sunglasses

-       Cap or hat

-       Deck of cards or UNO

-       Natural mosquito repellant

-       Universal adapter plug

-       iTranslate App : the best app to help you communicate in any language

Whether you’re going away for a week or 2 months, you can carry all these items in a backpack and have what you need (minus clothes).

Psst : Travelling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Even though we all want to look & feel great when roaming around, the main goal is not Instagram pictures… it should be to see the world. While I agree that capturing beautiful moments and sharing them with our networks is enjoyable, exploring cultures and making memories is where our focus should be. 

If you’re travelling this summer, I hope you have a wonderful time and soak it alllll in! 




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