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Travel essentials to pack for your next vacation!

by admin |

It’s officially summer! Which, for many, is synonymous with travel and vacations. When planning a trip, packing is something often left to the last-minute, which can cause some important items to not make it into your bag… Here, I’ve put together a shallow list of travel essentials; things I always pack, no matter where I’m going or for how long I’ll be there! You may think it's basic, but trust me, every time I travel with friends I seem to be the only one who brought all of the essentials! ✈️


Being comfortable on long haul flights is a mystery I have yet to solve, but these few things help greatly.

-       Earphones (the ones that reduice the noise are amazing)

-       Neck pillow & sleep mask

-       Hand sanitizer (love the lavender hand sanitizer from Bleu Lavande, it helps to relax.)

-       Electronics (Phone/tablet/laptop... Fully charged!)

-       Snacks (nothing that makes you bloaded : fruits, veggies, crackers...)

-       Lip balm, face moisturizer and hand cream that I apply at takeoff and landing)


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Toiletry Bag 

This category is pretty self-explanatory.

-       Toothbrush

-       Toothpaste

-       Deodorant 

-       Hair brush (The tangle teezer is great because of its small size!)

-       Shaving razor

Skin care

Always take care of your skin. No excuses. Even for hangovers.

-       Make up wipes

-       Cleanser

-       Moisturizer

-       Sunscreen/SPF

-       Lip balm (preferably with SPF as well)

Make up basics

You can definitely travel without make up, this is just a small list of 5 basics for a simple, put-together look.

-       Tinted moisturizer

-       Cream blush

-       Cream highlighter

-       Mascara

-       Your go-to lipstick



By definition of category, these are not essentials, but still. I couldn’t recommend a universal adapter plug more highly.

-       Sunglasses

-       Cap or hat

-       Deck of cards or UNO

-       Natural mosquito repellant

-       Universal adapter plug

-       iTranslate App : the best app to help you communicate in any language

Whether you’re going away for a week or 2 months, you can carry all these items in a backpack and have what you need (minus clothes).

Psst : Travelling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Even though we all want to look & feel great when roaming around, the main goal is not Instagram pictures… it should be to see the world. While I agree that capturing beautiful moments and sharing them with our networks is enjoyable, exploring cultures and making memories is where our focus should be. 

If you’re travelling this summer, I hope you have a wonderful time and soak it alllll in! 



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