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Face sheet masks : what we love about them and what not so much

Lucia and Lea tried different sheet masks; here’s what they thought about them.

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My biggest trend curiosity this year was by far face sheet masks. I’ve been wondering what is the BIG DEAL with them? And why spend so much money on just one when you can use rinse-off masks several times? As the trend became stronger and selfies became scarier #sheetmaskselfiechallenge, I decided to try a few different masks and finally see for myself if they are worth it…or not.

The one-oh-one (101) for sheet masks

Sheet masks are face-shaped masks (duh) that are usually soaked in serum and are made up of different materials such as cotton fiber or gelatin. According to an article in Women’s Health magazine, sheet masks do not replace the classic wash-off masks. These ones are placed on top of your skin and they do not work to exfoliate or deep cleanse, but they are really good for hydrating and moisturizing.

Photo credit: Lucía Ortega


What I loved about them, and what not so much…

I tried a few different brands and took notes on the pros and cons of each of them. Then  I compared them to decide on my overall opinion about them. 


  1. When it comes to sheet masks you need to acknowledge that you will be getting an instant result that will not last more than 24h. They are, by all means, not a long-term solution to any skin concerns you may have.

  2. For the typical soaked-in-serum sheet masks, you will get a boost of hydration that will translate into a more plump and radiant skin. They stick on perfectly and you can do something else while masking.

  3. They are both refreshing and relaxing.

  4. The instant effect is not only something you will feel but something everyone will notice. They are truly amazing if you want a glowy perfect skin for a special event.

  5. They can be complete face masks that cover up to the neck and ears, or just for the under eyes, which are also great for early morning duty calls, or at the airplane before landing.

  6. For the gel-type sheet masks, if used on a regular basis, they will deliver better results in terms of hydrating and calming the skin.

  7. Because they are packed individually, they are convenient and easy to carry and use.


Photo credit: Lea Begin



  1. I will go ahead and say what’s been bothering me and Lea about this trend all along. ONE-SINGLE-USE? This means more garbage in a world that is already literally drowning in garbage. This should not be used daily. Pleaaaase be conscious of the products you use. If you definitely love sheet masks but are concerned about the amount of non-recyclable waste they produce, keep on reading, I have a solution that might interest you ;)

  2. For gel-type sheet masks, the results are not as visible as those that are made out of cloth or cotton and soaked in serum. They also don’t adhere well to skin, so you might want to be laying down while you are using one.

  3. There are some brands that sell a third one that I have not mention yet. These are neither soaked with serum or gel-type masks, they are more like a sticker-type of mask. You need to take off the wax shiny paper, and then paste it on your face normally. The feeling of these facemasks is very soft, on one side it’s like suede (the side not touching your face directly), and on the other side (the one touching your skin) is like a thin gel texture. They are comfortable and easy to place, but I did not notice any amazing results after removing them from my face.

Photo credit: Juliette Cordeau


In conclusion…

From all the brands that I tried, I was very impressed with some and not at all with some others. If you have a nice event and you want to look radiant, I 100% recommend using a sheet mask one hour before you start getting ready. Here are the ones I loved the most!

Sephora Collection's face masks

  • Pineapple face mask

  • Masque visage ananas.

  • Pore perfecting and smoothing.

  • Plant derived fiber.

  • The smell is so yummy. Sticks easy to the face. Left my face very moisturized and glowy.

Pro-derm stemyouth mask (from Etiket store)

  • Stem Youth Tensor Anti-Fatigue Tissue Mask

  • Apple Stem Cells, Hyaluronic Acid, Tensor Sugars

  • What I liked: It covers face and neck. It sticks easily to the face.

  • Left my face stiff but looking GOOOOOD. Kind of like if I just had a face lift.

  • I could feel it having an effect on my face, like numbing.

  • Single sheet with formula.

  • Mask is not compostable

  • Packaging is not recyclable

Collagena (DermaLikft) Anti-aging face mask (from Collagena)

  • Goey material

  • Doesn´t stick well

  • Very relaxing and soft

  • I don’t think it gives an immediate result, but it's soothing.

  • The packaging is recyclable, but the mask is not compostable.

Karine Joncas

  • Definitely my favorite texture and presentation.

  • It comes folded like a sticker, you need to remove the shiny paper and then stick it on your face. I used it while at the beach and did not unstick from my face one bit.

  • But I did not feel like it made a difference in my face. It is not as refreshing and moisturizing as the others.

Lise Watier

  • Patch Lift Contour Yeux

  • Sticks well to skin

  • Soft feel

  • No big difference in terms of how I looked or felt.


  • Sticks well to skin

  • Hypoallergenique

  • Soft feel

  • Very relaxing but no visual changes.


I promised a solution for all of you sheet mask lovers that are concerned about the negative effects these can have on the environment. In the beginning, when I was curious about all the buzz around sheet masks, I was worried about the amount of garbage and packaging that went into waste for a single-use beauty item. Lea helped me with the research, and we found out it is also easy to do these masks yourself, and honestly, this solution has been the best mask of all the ones I’ve tried. To make a compostable and almost zero waste sheet mask at home you will need:

-       rice paper cut into 3 pieces so it is easy to place on front and cheeks.

-       tea

-       essential oil

What I did was prepare some organic green tea infusion with 1/3 a cup of water. I poured the infusion on a plate and added a few drops of essential oils from Alper oils in my mix. Be careful about which essential oils are good for the skin and which are not, especially if you are pregnant! Once the mix was cold I soaked the rice paper in the solution and placed it on my face for 20min. My face mask stuck very well to my face and the instant results were unbelievable. The best part is that at the end, I could throw away the rice paper knowing its biodegradable, and not feel guilty at all. 

Other blend of natural products you can use for your masks : organic honey + filtered water + bentonite clay

- filtered water + oregano + dry ou fresh cranberries

- rose water + cold almond milk

- fresh diced pinneaple + fresh papaya + olive oil

What are your thoughts about sheet masks?

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